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L’Ecrù is the natural passito wine produced ...
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The butterfly of the Egadi’s archipelago. This is the nickname...
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Coming from Veneto, Spritz is a reason of the Italian...
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Vine has crossed generations, ages, centuries, and several dominations in...
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The Etna volcano is a peerless winescape. In the...


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Vineyard activities are always ongoing but when summer is around...
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The 2017 grape harvest has finished also this year in the Cavanera estate, under the look of the Etna...
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For the Cavanera estate on the Mount Etna , the volcano donimating vineyards is like a father who with...
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Harmonium is not only Firriato’s treasure but a pearl for the entire Sicilian winemaking.

The heroes

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Seasons and climate run but Firriato’s agronomic practices are unstoppable. The late spring imposes...
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At Borgo Guarini we have selected three different areas for the cultivation of Nero d’Avola. The Ferla Cru is...


Inizio della Vendemmia - Firriato pills

Ci siamo, l'uva è pronta per essere raccolta e Firriato parte con i suoi 100 giorni di vendemmia, ve li faremo vivere con noi, stay tuned! Here we go! Grapes is ready to be harvested and Firriato starts its 100 days grape harvest we make you live with us, stay tuned! #Firriatopills #100daysgrapeharvest

Vendemmia Grillo Spumante Saint Germain

Eccoci a Borgo Guarini per vendemmiare il Grillo che diventerà lo spumante Saint Germain! Il Grillo per la spumantizzazione viene vendemmiato anticipatamente per conservare la sua dotazione aromatica per donarvi uno spumante fresco e ammaliante.   Here we are in the Borgo Guarini estate for Grillo grape harvest which will become Saint Germain. Grillo grapes destined to sparkling method are early collected to keep its aromatic features so as to give you a seducing and fresh spumante #Firriatopills #100daysgraoeharvest

La vendemmia dello Zibibbo da appassimento per l'Ecrù

È arrivato il momento della vendemmia dello zibibbo che andrà in appassimento per dar alla luce il nostro splendido Ecrù #Vendemmia2017 The time has come for Zibibbo grape harvest, destined to dry on the sun to bear us our extraordinary Ecrù #Frapeharvest2017

La Vendemmia del Syrah del Santagostino

Siamo a Baglio Soria, nell'agro di Trapani, ed è arrivato il momento di vendemmiare il Syrah del Santagostino rosso. We are in the Baglio Sorìa Estate, in the Trapani countryside. The time has come to harvest Syrah grapes for Santagostino rosso.

Il metodo dell'Infusione

È tempo di passito, è tempo d’infusione. It is the time for passito, it is the time for the infusion!


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Who lives in the city is completely plunged into a fast daily grind, stressing...
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L’Ecrù is the natural passito wine produced by Firriato, the...
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Trapani is the heart of Firriato. This is the place...