The production of Gaudensius Blanc de Noir, the “dégorgement”

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The production of Gaudensius Blanc de Noir, the ``dégorgement``

Etna Volcano, thanks to high altitude climate and its volcanic soil, located at mountain altimeters, is a great terroir in Sicily for the production of classic method of sparkling wine,

These characteristic offer optimal conditions for Nerello Mascalese vinegrowing. this is the name of the native red grape of Etna, which lends itself well for the sparkling wine, thanks to high levels of malic acid and the particular aromas.

There are several steps of production of a bottle of sparkling wine classic method.

the Nerello Mascalese grape, grown in our Cavanera Etnea Estate ,  after the early harvest, which varies according to the vintage beetween the second half and the end of September, is pressed soft and vinified in white. Subsequently, we sent the wine for the second fermentation and the aging on the lees for 32 months on bottle, with frequent “coupe de poigèe”. The aging increase the organoleptic qualities of the native grape variety.

After the aging with remuage, the deposit of the fine lees is concentrated in the neck of the bottle. In this step, wine on the bottle is perfectly clear, must be kept on the tip so as not to put the accumulated deposit back in suspension and to “dirty” the sparkling wine again.

The next step, to proceed to “dégorgement” is freezing of th neck of the bottle, for 4-5 cm, by immersing it in a solution of ethylene glycol brine at -28°C, which forms, an ice cone in the neck.

Now, the wine is ready for dégorgement,  the bottle deposit accumulated with the remuage is expelled.

The “dégorgement process” is important for sparkling wine because this step determines the life of classic method.

During this processi s possible to:

  add the liqueur d’expedition;

  to corking the bottle;

  place the cap.

Gaudensius Blanc de Noir Metodo Classico Etna Doc Brut is characterized by the intensity of citrus, mineral aromas and complexity on the nose.


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