The Elimination of non fruit-bearing buds

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The elimination of non fruit-bearing buds an agronomic practice between tradition and precision viticulture

Only the experience of expert hands can ensure the best quality standards in the vineyard

Seasons and climate run but Firriato’s agronomic practices are unstoppable. The late spring imposes new rhythm, new decision making, so the only thing to do is to turn to agronomist and grape grower’s experience. Blooming vines gush with their color beauty but nature has to be helped to produce quality grapes. Over these days we eliminate non fruit-bearing buds from the vines leaving selected buds on the plant. This activity is manually carried out and requires both experience and analyzed knowledge of pruning tecniques. Only the most expert grape grower can adopt this practice in the vineyard that set a complete maturation process of shooting and a greater vigour of remaining buds. A practice setting quality selection of buds directly on the plant and a further element added to Firriato’s precision viticulture, used in all its farming estates.

Vegetative conditioning

Not only Precision viticolture but also unconditional love for nature

Vegetative conditioning or bud trellis system is a further agronomic practice carried out in those vineyards where precision viticulture is the rule. Firriato’s grape growers close the buds in the couple of strings on the counter to ease the vertical grow of the vine. Together with the elimination of non fruit-bearing buds, vegetative conditioning is a practice generating positive effects on the vine physiology, easing best quality grape production. As a matter of fact, vegetative conditioning eases a best exposure of the leaf surface of the vine to sunlights, increasing efficiency foliage. This is a natural method to increase the shading of bunches which grow in a very particular microclimate. The plant benefits from this practice also thanks to the reduction of lateral shoots.


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