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The Sicilian company is among the first wineries in the world to have canceled the footprint of greenhouse gas emissions. Important news: the use of the protocol developed by DNV GL which has allowed the company to be Carbon Neutral.
Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato:A choice of absolute coherence that will be good for all Sicilian wine“.
A difficult and expensive path that led Firriato to reach, as the first company in the quality wine supply chain, all the conditions necessary to achieve certification of the ZERO point on CO2 and Greenhouse Gas emissions. A pioneering goal that opens up prospects for the entire sector, thanks to the neutrality protocol containing specifications for the quantification, reduction and compensation of the residual emissions of the company that inserted it and implemented it in good environmental and energy practices. Firriato, in this sense, represents a production model based on the highest standards in terms of environmental sustainability. “It is a result that puts us at the forefront – explains Federico Lombardo of Monte Iato, COO of the company – and that represents a new starting point for those of us who want to affirm with the facts a productive path of environmental sustainability with a commitment on the front line “.

A sense of responsibility and ability to respond to topical issues that affect the entire global society: from global warming to climate change, from the reduction of the biosphere to the risk of thinning biodiversity. Scenarios that the world of quality wine must keep in observation and face with lucidity and commitment. Firriato has been supporting active environmental policies for over a decade. A path of construction of the green profile that was nourished by precise field choices and by adherence to specific protocols, which allowed the Di Gaetano family to obtain certifications that testify concrete results. A choice that rewards the wine territories of excellence and its enology, achieving an effective environmental profile to contribute to eliminating, as much as possible, the greenhouse gas and CO2 footprint developed in all production processes, from the vineyard to the bottle. This methodology, after several intermediate steps, has today reached the entire Firriato brand production, in the different estates and in the various terroirs in which the company is now established. The agronomic management activities of vineyards, olive groves and spontaneous grass coverings have even more marginalized the polluting factor, thus reaching a further goal of mitigating the emissions produced. Activities that have found their last step in the certification of Carbon Neutrality, adhering to this innovative protocol. It was the DNV GL, one of the most prestigious international bodies and a partner chosen by the Di Gaetano Family to certify the neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions through certified carbon credits, allowing the Zero Emissions point to be reached. The Carbon Neutrality recognition was achieved through the support of specific environmental protection activities in emerging economy countries that resulted in reforestation projects in tropical areas and with the production of energy from renewable sources. In the first case, Firriato participated in reforestation projects in VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) projects that led to the planting of new hectares of rainforests in tropical areas with the aim of helping to stop deforestation and preserve biodiversity in these areas; while in the second case the Di Gaetano family company has joined projects to produce sustainable energy through the use of alternative sources compared to traditional fossil fuels, such as coal, highly polluting.

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