Baglio Sorìa

This agricultural estate of 110 hectares, located just a short distance away from Trapani in the western part of Sicily, is where the Di Gaetano family’s great dream began in the 1980s. This is one of the most authentic and charming parts of Sicily, where the vineyards are harmoniously integrated with
the breathtaking natural setting at the borders of the nature reserve of the Trapani and Paceco salt pans.


Calamoni di Favignana

The Calamoni Estate is located on the central-southern side of the island, just a short distance from the sea. The vineyard covers just over 5 hectares, enclosed by the traditional dry stone walls. The soil here is truly unique. The island of Favignana offers a unique and unrepeatable habitat. Most of the Mediterranean islands are volcanic or granitic in nature.

However, the soil at the Calamoni estate consists of a platform of Quaternary limestone, formed under the sea over millions of years and composed of fossils: shells or fish bones sedimented and absorbed by the pressure that the sea exerts on the seabed. The land is open to the wind, which blows constantly from the sea, in breezes or stronger gusts, towards this strip of land.


Cavanera Etnea

The Cavanera Estate is nestled on a series of terraces which vineyards cover many Contradas from north-east to north slopes of the volcano. A
hundred years old vineyards, with some younger sections created by the replanting activities performed by the company over the years. They contain extraordinary beautiful plants, the expression of an age-old vineyard.


Borgo Guarini

Set on a hilltop, its lands slope down towards the alluvial plain of a stream. This area, is distinguished by the complexity of the soil and climate conditions, which change from one zone to another, and its variety of orography. The range of altitude and the complex weather conditions, which can vary considerably from one area to another, characterize this estate.

This variability exists alongside an eclectic and multifaceted differentiation in terms of orography. There are 12 soil orders in the world, seven of which can be found in Sicily and Borgo Guarini contains three of them: Entisoils, Inceptisoils and Vertisoils. This richness of orography provides the right type of land for every single vine but it also increases the variety of soils for each kind of vine.


Pianoro Cuddìa

The ampelographic platform of this estate is very diverse with eight varieties, all autochthonous, which express the unique wine-making qualities of this island. Pianoro Cuddìa’s hectares perfectly embody the essence of the viticulture practiced in the province of Trapani.
It is a complex viticulture, more than 60% of the soil is clay, a real “heroic agronomy”. Firriato found, here, the best climatic conditions for the
cultivation of Perricone, who gives us the wonderful Ribeca.


Dàgala Borromeo

Characterized by undulating and flat terrain, it is about 15 kilometers from the sea. vineyards benefit from a dry, well-ventilated microclimate with significant temperature ranges between day and night. One of the most important elements of this estate is the soil composition.


Giudeo Estate

A hillside viticulture that enjoys the warm Sicilian sun and the winds that embrace the vineyards of Giudeo Estate a few kilometers from the sea. Here the characteristics of the Marsala countryside tell the typical environment of western Sicily with its alternating valleys and high ground.

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