Firriato extra virgin organic olive oil

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Firriato extra virgin organic olive oil

Harvest season 2019

Evening falls on the Trapani countryside, the  last sunshine illuminates the foliage of the olive trees in the Borgo Guarini and Baglio Sorìa estates; olive harvest season end for the production of Firriato extra virgin organic olive oil.

A growing year for Trapani area, both in terms of quantity, thanks to an increase by 30%  in production compared to last year one, and in terms of quality, thanks to a very fine extra virgin organic olive oil.

After vintage 2018, the poorest one in the last 30 years, olive production seems to climb at quality level, despite a slight drop in figures. As a matter of fact, we can find an explanation linked to coldest weather variables recording high humidity level over May causing a delay in flowering step and color maturation in summer. 

However, thanks to this climatic trend, olives did not suffer from olive fly attacks; a crucial point to achieve extraordinary quality standards for the current vintage.

The three varieties of our blend

The three varieties growing in the Borgo Guarini and Baglio Sorìa estates making  the DOP Valli Trapanesi extra virgin olive oil appellation are: Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola.  Firriato olive groves are treated according organic farming regime, in addition, we carry manual collection on by cropping practice. 

Climate and soil condition influence  Nocellara del Belice cultivar, growing in the  Borgo Guarini and Baglio Sorìa areas. Intense green color with golden hues; bitter and spicy sensations on  the palate; hints of artichoke, tomato and almond and a medium- intense fruity fragrances on the nose. 

Finally, the chemical characteristincs – such as the very low volatile acidity, generally less than 0.5%, the low number of peroxides and the high polyphenol content – are those of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Biancolilla cultivar is more generous in terms of production. The extra virgin olive oil  extracted from the fruit is slight green with yellow reflections, while to the taste, delicate and tending to sweet, there are notos of almond, tomato and nuances of artichoke the classify it as fruity.

Cerasuola cultivar, one of the most spread in Sicily,  mainly growing in the province of Trapani, is the predominant variety of Firriato blend. Characterized by an excellent relationship between pulp and hazel, it is a cultivar with generous yields that, in the kg of olives / liters of oil ratio, easily reaches quotas of 20%.

The final result is an intense green color  olive oil caused by an early olive harvest enhancing bitter and spicy treats. Cerasuola oil is rich in polyphenols with very low volatile acidity making it suitable for being longaged. Last but not the least, its content of beta-carotene has an antioxidant action.


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