2018 Pruning practice in the Firriato’s estates

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2018 Pruning practice in the Firriato’s estates

The winter season doesn’t mean an end to critical tasks in the vineyards. Grapegrowers deal with harsh temperatures between December and February  to prune vines. Pre- pruning helps the vine to control grape quantity and ecourages the plants to come back to life during springtime by arranging the shoots towards light consequently control the number of buds. Anyway different winegrowing regions have different pruning styles and the diversity is the leading aspect of Firriato winery. From the Cavanera Etnea estate to the 4 estates of the Trapani countryside and Favignana island grapegrowing practices together with soil and climate conditions radically change,varying from the mountain viticulture of the Etna volcano to  the wind of the Egadi archipelago until the grapegrowing practices such as the alberate spur one.


A new look for the new year

The number of people scattered in all Sicily and  working over the pruning season are the flagship of Di Gaetano family. A work of precision viticulture starting before Christmas with pre-pruning shaping the plant ensuring a correct development.  In the spring time, Firriato continues its work in the vineyards with the pruning practice aiming to  preserve the harmonic balance between foliage and grapes. We consider this practice such as a tailor work lived symbiotically with the Nature, an important step to imply such agronomic knowledge passed down through the generations. Thanks to this cultural luggage is possible to achieve grapes such as: Nerello Mascalese, Catarratto, Perricone, Grillo, Nero d’Avola and Zibibbo grapes  characterised by typical Sicilian fragrances and “land –reader”  feature according to Firriato style.


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