The Etna’s Nerelli

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The Mount Etna, the father of Cavanera

The energy of the volcano flows in vines

For the Cavanera estate on the Mount Etna , the volcano donimating vineyards is like a father who with his majestic figure safeguards and protects his baby. He does not only shield his baby but also works as the main source of energy. In the case of Firriato’s estate on the Etna, located in between 650 and 950mt a.s.l. , the extraordinary energy brought by the volcano consists in the incredible mineral supply that the volcanic soil rich in elements such as iron, silica, alluminium, manganese and magnesium , flows in the vines, developing themselves in an impressive fertile scenario.

The harvest of Nerello Cappuccio grapes

Firriato’s vineyards in Cavanera On the Mount Etna are the last to be harvested

Nerello Cappuccio is one of the two red vines grown by Firriato in the Cavanera estate. Among other Di Gaetano’s estates , the Cavanera’s one is the last to be harvested. The harvest begins over the second week of September with an increase of work between first and second week of October, ending by the first week of November. Among the jewels of this vine, we find Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie, Etna DOC in which Nerello Cappuccio grapes have to share the glory with the other red vine of this area, Nerello Mascales grapes. The result of this blend is a perfect elegant wine with remarkable minerals nuance , with very intense fruity fragrances and bodied on the palate

Nerello Mascalese features

How one of the most typical Sicilian vine is exalted in a unique context

Here Nerello Mascalese. A vine remarkably exalted by particular soil and climate conditions of Cavanera estate where it grows thanks to strong temperatures fluctuations between day and night , snowfalls not forgetting basalts in the soil texture. Any element mentioned before generates high quality level grapes able to be directly transmitted to wines rich in passion like Le Sabbie dell’Etna Rosso, harmoious blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes, one of the first wines produced by the Di Gaetano family on the north-east part of the volcano

The Volcanic Spumante

From lava to bubbles

Nerello Mascalese grapes generates another marvelous wine, or better to say a marvelous spumante: Gaudensius Blanc de Noir. Spumante Brut Classic method surprising for its elegant impression on the palate and the extraordinary lively perlage together with its straw yellow color with golden hues and its complex and fresh aromas making it so compelling. The 32months of bottle aging on yeast with recurring “coup de poignet” further exalt the fine taste , making this spumante a unque product in the Etna winescape, where Firriato is supposed to be considered as a quality pioneer.


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