Gambero Rosso 2021 – Firriato, the most significant sustainable winery 2021

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First winery certified in Italy with Zero Impact. Firriato obtains the authoritative recognition awarded by the prestigious Italian Guide for sustainability. The Di Gaetano family: “Proud of this result because it comes  with our most intimate feeling and our history”.

It is a really positive achievement for Firriato and for the entire quality wine chain in Sicily. Having obtained, for 2021, the highest podium of Gambero Rosso for sustainable viticulture, the winery has been experienced with feelings of real emotion, especially by the owners and the production team. “The key to everything lies in the responsible use of natural resources. An awareness that Firriato, in the span of thirty years, has proved to have, taking its production step towards certain and measurable objectives, in the environmental and sustainability fields “, this is the hotnews released by Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Coo of the winery, when the news arrived. The maintenance and care of the environment, in fact, do not represent a medal to put on the chest, but are concrete practices, even expensive, the result of a vision that has deep roots in the earth, but at the same time looks to the future. A systemic approach that touches the entire plurality of resources that make up the framework of sustainability: water, soil, air, vineyard, energy, biodiversity, but also the vineyard as a “living” system and the use of materials in the vineyard as in the cellar .

In Sicily, Firriato has played a pioneering role in the field of environmental sustainability, the real one, made up of real actions and measurable results, cornerstones of its philosophy. Precisely for this reason, the Di Gaetano family has decided to speed up the times, canceling their footprint on the environment in a certified way, that is, verifiable by anyone, but above all measurable. Firriato has in fact become the first certified Carbon Neutral winery in Italy: a path that started in 2014 and crowned at the beginning of 2019, through the reduction and compensation of the so-called Greenhouse GAS, which allowed the company to bring the emissions balance to zero, with the goal of slowing down Global Warming, to give a better future to the next generations.

“An important milestone is that of Gambero Rosso, consistent with our intimate feelings and our history – underlines Salvatore Di Gaetano, President of the historic Sicilian winery -. We were the first in Italy to have obtained Carbon Neutral certification, taking the company to unexplored lands, where our proximity viticulture has reached standards of efficiency and protection, once unimaginable, through a series of coordinated and virtuous actions. A company policy in the sign of strong social responsibility, but – beyond papers, certifications and acronyms – carried out mainly by supporting the deep feeling of respect and closeness to nature, shared and experienced by all of us at Firriato ”.

The application of the principles of sustainability turns into a deep knowledge of the environments in which it is grown, in the relationships that exist between the environment and the vineyard. This last aspect – defined as precision Viticulture – translates into a series of choices – from the plant to the various management phases – aimed at minimizing human intervention, through the adoption of a wide range of tools and technologies that allow the company to manage soils, water resources and agronomic practices in an optimal way, thanks to the acquisition of increasingly targeted information: best practices that have allowed Firriato to play a role of supervision and sentinel in safeguarding the heritage environmental. This process finds its maximum consecration in Etna, in a productive context where biodiversity takes on extraordinarily important values; Firriato has recognized and protected them for years, through investments, restoration and consolidation of the terraces and the preservation of the indigenous forest within the estates and the various plots, spread over seven sub-areas of the north and north east side of the volcano. Interventions that ended with the architectural recovery and conversion of the ancient structures into places and work environments (but also of accommodation and services) made in bio-architecture, achieving a new efficiency and the right harmony with the surrounding landscape, but also protecting the immense agronomic heritage that distinguishes the company terroirs.

“The prestigious recognition of Gambero Rosso – explains Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Coo di Firriato – fills us with pride, but at the same time, drive us to continue in the name of sustainable agriculture and enology, which has always base.

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