Firriato: “Sustainable Winery” for Equalitas

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The virtuous path that Firriato has committed to sustainability for almost twenty years still goes on. Equalitas rewards the certifiable voluntary standard on wine sustainability. Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato: “We are proud of this new goal that rewards the ecological and sustainable values ​​implemented by Firriato”.

Respect for the environment and nature, concrete commitment to the responsible use of resources, enhancement of biodiversity. These are the Firriato’s milestones at the base of its production philosophy, recognized – this time – through the Equalitas Corporate certification, focused on wine sustainability and structured within three different criteria: social, environmental, economic. A further confirmation of the “green work” carried out so far, and of the profuse commitment of the Di Gaetano family in achieving measurable aims: from the implementation of ‘zero impact’ agronomic practices to the use of increasingly sustainable packaging components, up to the consumption of energy from renewable sources over all the supply chain.

Thanks to the efforts made by the owners, Firriato has become a reference model, safeguarding and enhancing production eco-systems and the entire wine chain with an approach focused on biodiversity and economic-social sustainability ” said  Federico Lombardo Di Monte Iato, COO of the winery.

Equalitas – leading company in the wine and agri-food sector directly connected to FederDOC and UIV – has therefore identified in the production model embodied by Firriato an example to imitate, characterized by a more ‘integrated’ approach to sustainability in its economic, social and environmental, rewarding in particular: the carbon footprint that made the Sicilian maison the first certified winery in Italy ‘Carbon Neutral’ and the ‘best practices’ carried out in support of its employees and suppliers. Through the Equalitas – Sustainable Wine certification, wineries will also have the opportunity to adopt an internal ‘Sustainability Management’ system and to be able to publish their financial statements annually, guaranteeing all customers a continuous improvement in their performance.

“All this represents a further incentive for wineries to adopt a totally sustainable corporate business model “- concludes Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato -. Firriato has embraced the ‘ethical philosophy’ supported by Equalitas and does so by trying to take significant steps, in a sustainable perspective ‘and contribute, in a decisive and substantial way, to ensuring a better future for the territory and communities of reference”.

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