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Etna on the forefront of the new development plan of Firriato, the project of the vertical eco-friendly cellar and the partnership with Federico Curtaz

2018 has resulted really succesful for Firriato! Many approvals coming from markets and many hot news contributing to make this Sicilian maison  one of the most authoritarive wineries in the quality Italian winescape by the beginning of the next year.

In the first 3-month period of 2018 Etna has been the milestone of the family. According to the Di Gaetano family , Etna means mountain viticulture, carried out on the north slope of the volcano by a meticulous mandatory work aiming at revealing the huge and different features coexisting within a few miles but always faithful to Firriato’s style.

The winemaking lab of the volcano is a natural forge destined to excellence requiring care and attention to express its own best. Firriato was one the first wineries starting its viticultural project here. The Di Gaetano family can boast more than 17 grape harvests in this land and there are very few wine-realities that can match Firriato. By the beginning of 2019 this commitment will be confirmed with a new productive effort. In these days new practices and operations are ongoing on the new vineyards that will widen the productive capacity of Firriato achieving 70ha within the Etna DOC area in different “contade”.

“Etna is a winemaking treasure not only for Sicily but also for all the Italian winescape- says Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Firriato COO– With more than 20 years of experience, grape harvest after grape harvest, Firriato is one of those wineries that better knows the Etna land, its strenghts and virtues. It is up to us to safeguard this territory in the most natural way, with competence and attention.”

Taking into account the increasing enhancement of the viticulture on the Etna, Firriato will work in partnership with the the professional insider of the Aosta Valley Federico Curtaz that has been welcomed by the Di Gaetano family. Curtaz passionately lives vines and wines with committment and professional vision. After 15 year old work spent with Angelo Gaya, being recognised and appreciated for all his wines, Curtaz decided to start his free lance career in 1997. A career bringing him to travel around Italy and cooperate with some wineries also abroad.

Curtaz’s skills and experience – says Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato – will allow us to produce wines able to express all the characteristics of the Terroir. Curtaz is an Etna expert and an experienced professional endorsing us by transforming farming efforts carried out in the vineyard in wines evoking the particular Etna doozies”

In addition to that, we highlight another important hot news involving all the Cavanera Estate in the short term: the ongoing  eco-friendly winery construction. As a matter of fact this is a project , like Firriato’s philosophy, based on eco-sustainable principles. In the new vertical winery, the gravitational pull will be used to move grapes and wine in order to ensure the perfect integrity. The project includes a wide area dedicated to vinification  and Gaudensius sparkling wine aging. The Cavanera Etnea estate is a real jewel destined to become more precious in the Sicilian winescape thanks also to the namesake Wine Resort, nestled in the nature and blessed by wellness as well as the pre-phylloxera vineyard, guarded with passione and competence by Firriato.

We wait for you at Palazzo Belmonte Riso from 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Firriato Winery is a family-owned business, located in Trapani.  It encompasses six estates throughout the most magical parts of the wine regions of Sicily, including the island of Favignana.  Founded in 1984, Firriato boasts a kaleidoscopic production of 4.5 million bottles per year.  Approximately 380 hectares of vineyards are manicured with passion under certified organic farming techniques.  These vineyards are distributed in three heterogeneous and complex soils:  the Agro of Trapani, the Etna volcano, and the surprising viticulture of the sea environment surrounding the island of Favignana.  Firriato is a pioneer in Precision Viticulture, a technique that emphasizes the potential of every single plant, and the range of expression that can be revealed with respect to distinct pedoclimatic contexts.  Dedication and zeal applied to oenological practices and eco-sustainability are an integral part of the philosophy of Firriato.  It is for this reason that Firriato, year after year, has continued to conquer international markets for quality and elegance of its wines.  Firriato products can be found in forty-eight countries around the world, representing the fine expression of Sicilian terroir.  For more information:

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