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5 Grappoli Bibenda 2017

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A champion’s prize list

5 Grappoli Bibenda 2017 goes to Harmonium 2014

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Harmonium storie firriato 5grappoli - 5 Grappoli Bibenda 2017

Some wines are born to become champions and Harmonium 2014 just confirms its natural tendency to victory. Another prestigious award is now added to its rich and time-honoured prize list: Bibenda’s 5 Grappoli (literally “5 Bunches”) 2017. Receiving yet another award makes us proud because Bibenda is a leading guide in the Italian and international wine world. It has always guaranteed the highest professionalism and its authoritativeness is recognized by wine producers and discerning consumers alike. After L’Ecrù, which in 2016 won the “5 Bunches” for a sixth consecutive time, now Harmonium too receives significant recognition, confirming its exceptional quality.

Harmonium 2014

The harmony and strength of an athletic body

Bibenda’s “5 Grappoli” 2017 gives us the opportunity to tell how Firriato’s Harmonium is made. For as the body of an athlete, Harmonium can seamlessly combine the strength of Nero d’Avola with the harmony of Firriato’s production style. This historic label of quality Sicilian winemaking comes with an elegant blend of three crus of Nero d’Avola. In the Borgo Guarini estate near Trapani, after years of experimentation, we have selected three micro-zones to grow the Nero d’Avola vines that are exclusively intended for Harmonium. The grapes harvested in the Lepre, Ferla and Beccaccia crus are vinified separately. After careful qualitative and gustatory analysis, they are combined in a blend that varies from year to year to ensure the highest quality for Harmonium.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - la vendemmia a borgo guarini - 5 Grappoli Bibenda 2017

His Majesty, the Sicilian Nero d’Avola

The native variety representing Sicily around the world

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - i grappoli del nero davola - 5 Grappoli Bibenda 2017

Nero d’Avola and Sicily are inseparable when it comes to the island’s winemaking tradition. Bibenda’s “5 Grappoli” 2017 awarded to Harmonium 2014 is yet another chapter in the long story of an island, of a grape variety and of the renaissance of Sicilian wine. Nero d’Avola is perfectly at home in much of Sicily and depending on the region and the production area it can yield different nuances and varying organoleptic characteristics. Wine-lovers will feel the difference between a Nero d’Avola grown in eastern Sicily and one grown on hills a few miles from the sea like the one that gives Harmonium. Elegance and power are the notes that we like to highlight when we talk about this noble grape.


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