Often mistaken for other plants with similar foliage or of a similar colour, recent DNA analysis has revealed a certain degree of relation to the vine variety of Sangiovese. Despite this confusion, between the 19th and 20th centuries it was one of the most diffuse vine varieties in Sicily. However, due to the phylloxera epidemic the number of hectares planted with Perricone reduced dramatically. Although the epidemic was brought under control by the second half of the 50s, the vinification of Perricone, due to its low yields, was neglected in favour of other native and non-native black grape vine varieties. Over the last twenty years Firriato has decided to invest in its reintroduction, on the strength of agronomic and phenological studies that have shown how this native variety, thanks to its morphological characteristics of great vitality and adaptability, is perfect for planting in the areas of soils found within the Mediterranean climate zone.

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