Palermo, the richness of the culture

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The Royal Palace


The history of Palermo is intrinsically linked to the Norman’s one. Together with Arabs, the Norman rule shaped the image of the Medieval city over the time, standing Palermo out for a peerless multicultural mix. As a matter of fact you can find a proof thereof, in the Palazzo dei Normanni that today is the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly being in turn the successor of the historical Parliament of Sicily, one of the most ancient ones worldwide. The building is also known as the oldest royal residence in Europe, home of the rulers of the Kingdom of Sicily and imperial seat with Frederick II, stupor mundi and the son Conrad IV.


Palermo the Italian Capital of culture 2018


Thanks to the versatile and fascinating character of Frederick II, the last king of Sicily descendant of the Altavilla family ( from the mother part) became a myth in the history of Palermo marking its many-sided identity forever. Nowadays,the Capital of Sicily is in the spotlight: it is not a coincidence that Palermo has been nominated The Italian Capital of the culture for 2018, an assignment enlivening the city.Dozens and dozens of scheduled events by the end of the year among exhibitions in the most important museums of the city, dramas, concerts, expositions and special events. However, the event goings tends to scale up with the opening of Manifesta , the European nomadic biennal of Contemporary Art in June.

A destiny in a name: Altavilla

Altavilla della Corte is one of the most appreciated wine collections created by Firriato for the namesake family. Authentic adventurers, perfectly in line with their Viking background, the Altavilla giving birth to the very first kings of Sicily, and reaching all the corner of the Medieval Mediterranean sea, until the Holy Land. An open-minded momentum at the base of the Altavilla della Corte wine collection. This line includes international grapes that as well as the Normans have found in Sicily the suitable land for being grown. Last but not the least the Altavilla collection could not be completed without the varietal Grillo wine, meriting a placement among the crème de la crème vines from the hilly viticulture carried out by Firriato within the Borgo Guarini estate, in the Trapani countryside.


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