White variety cultivated on the Etna, eastern side of Sicily , brings minerality and elegance in a glass; displaying complex bouquet, orange blossom and white fruit fragrances.


White variety enhancing the multifaceted Terroirs of Firriato, from the concentrated minerality of the Mount Etna to the fresh and sapid profile of Favignana island, passing to fruity notes of Trapani countryside.


Red variety cultivated by Firriato in western Sicily.
A vine expressing sumptuous and elegant fruity fragrances, delighting palates.


Quintessential Sicilian white variety. Firriato has been committed to grow it for over 30 years in order to value the aromatic profile giving birth to outstanding varietal and blend wine.


The most ancient Sicilian vine, its golden clusters disclose clear notes of dried fruits and balanced acidity surrounded by mineral nuances. Cultivated in the Trapani countryside, the wine tastes sapid almost briny.


White variety cultivated on the Etna foothills
in nort-east Sicily, this vine shines for freshy notes
exalted by limited alcohol content.

Nerello Cappuccio

Red variety cultivated not only on the Etna Volcano but also in other parts of Sicily. Its feature is based on the anthocyanin pigments realising into the wine more powerful color.

Nerello Mascalese

White variety cultivated on the Etna, is gifted with the ability to reflect the identity of Terroir where this vine is cultivated, marking wines with powerful colors and floral fragrances.

Nero d'Avola

The prince of Sicilian viticulture is a red variety worldwide recognised, representing the mirror of the microclimate of the Terroir where it grows. Firriato enhances the most authentic expression of this vine.


Red variety able to give remarkable and different expressions according to the growing Terroir. It expresses intense and deep bouquet in the Trapani countrysiude as well as on the Favignana island.


Extraordinary aromatic bouquet of a vine able to express emotions in a glass, from raisin aromas of the Trapani countryside to the contrasting briny taste of the marine microclimate of Favignana island.

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