Nerello Cappuccio

As it grows, the foliage of this particular variety forms a ‘cap’ for the grape bunches, covering them completely. From this effect we arrive at the name Nerello Cappuccio in Italian. Identified during the 18th century by means of ampelographic studies in the Catania area, this vine variety is planted, albeit at a much lower percentage compared to the native Nerello Mascalese, at an altitude between 350 and 900 metres above sea level. In the past, it enjoyed centre stage in a flourishing harvest, but it has been ever more marginalised so much so as to risk its disappearance. Today, however, following on from studies of the terroirs most suitable for its development, Firriato has recognised its appreciable qualities when vinified. It brings a real essence of inhospitable lands to the glass, rich in organic substances from Etna—Europe’s highest volcano.

Firriato Winery, Authentic Terroir