Four ideas for your Christmas gift

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Four ideas for your Christmas gift


A High value gift able to surprise Winelovers admiring Sicilian excellence.

Christmas period is coming and we start to think about our beloved people, friends and all those far from us. However, how we should communicate our feelings? Maybe a good solution could be sharing something precious just like a wine bottle characterised by unistakable freagrances generating important emotions. Why do not think about a Sicilian red authentically made in Sicily? The correct option is Harmonium, a cuvée of 3 Nero d’Avola single vineyards growing in the Borgo Guarini estate. This Cuvée will allow you to surprise your beloved people with its elegance. True, intense, elegant and perfectly balanced wine, remembering the harmony of the namesake musical instrument.

Quater Vitis

Four gift in a single Sicilian white

Inzolia, Catarratto, Carricante, Zibibbo. The concentration of the best Sicilian white grapes in bodied fresh white wine, expressing great elegance. Once again Firriato is able to express its passion for native vines, precision viticulture and nature safeguard and Quater Vitis Bianco is a real prove of it, telling about 4 different vines in a glass. Quater vitis will be your perfect wine to pour over Christmas holidays, from Christmas starters to fish melas of the last day of the year, incluing the very first hours of January 1st.

Chiaramonte Nero D’Avola

A Nero d’Avola wine enclosing the joy and pleasure of being together

Directly from the Dàgala Borromeo estate, comes the perfect Christmas gift for those invitign you for sharing the joy behind of Christmas meals. Chiaramonte is a Nero d’Avola varietal wine, comig from the love for land. This red is perfetc to be paired with meat meals or to drink out of the meals together family and friends. This red will surprise with its peerless bouquet, the perfect balance between nose and palate after taste, its smooth and strong character enveloped by silky tannins and enclosed in a intense ruby red color with violet hues. Ready to be conquered by this part of the wine history of Sicily?

Perricone Sorìa

From Baglio Sorìa with Love

Sorìa Perricone is a young and fresh proposal for those wanting to celebrate holidays at their best. Its emphatic profile offers a fresh and fruity taste, suitable for being poured from the start to the end of the meal, turning on the heart for family and friends over Christmas holidays. This Perricone wine offers a different version of itself linked to the different terroir of origin, that one of the Trapani countryside, where soil texture is characterised by red marlstones and clay. We can notice the influence of terroir in the sensorial profile: deep red color, fruity notes of red berries, preserves and black pepper, smooth and long finish on the palate.


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