September in the Trapani countryside, between wine and grape harvest

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Trapani, between country and the old town


Trapani is the heart of Firriato. This is the place where the Di Gaetano family daily takes care of 4 of its estates, enlivening a land and a city which beauty is not exclusively linked to agricultural qualities. The old town, is the ideal place to have a relaxing walk and drink a wineglass in one of the popular pubs shining in colors. You cannot miss out the opportunity to visit some historical places such as the Ligny tower dated XVII century hosting the Regional Museum Agostino Pepoli, where you can find majolica pottery, ancient jewels and a coral Nativity portrayal dated XVII century.


Sun + sea: Food


Trapani is not only wine. Salt is another product of this land, making this city so popular. The historical salt extraction activity is represented by the Museo del sale, very close to the ͞saline͟and by the blue sea linking the land to the Egadi archipelago. However, the extraction activity of the salt is not a mere procedure, is also linked to the traditional gastronomy as a seasoning for food. The most representative one is the cous cous that in this part of Sicily can reserve you one of its best interpretation. We can also recommend ͞Busiate alla Trapanese, a taste of sun and Mediterranean sea for your palate.


Walking in Erice


A trip to Trapani cannot end without a walk in the closest town of Erice. Mysterious and ancient town (founded by some exiles from Troy according to Thucydides) was dominated by The Spaniards and the Arabs, but its profile has remained intact thanks to Norman regulation who built the famous Castle dedicated to Venus, on the ruins of a phoenician –roman temple. From Erice you can enjoy an unforgettable view embracing Trapani, the sea, and the grape harvest. This is the right place to fall in love with a land rich in taste, beauty, history and culture.



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