Green pruning, it’s all about balance

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Green pruning, it’s all about balance

An important operation that regulates vegetation and production

Green pruning is not a single intervention but a complex of practices that the company carries out in the vineyard to complete its production program in a “certain” way. On the on the one hand winter pruning aims at setting the bud charge of each plant, on the other hand green pruning ensures the correct balance between vegetative part and production.

How does it work out?

From the Etna to Favignana island, including Trapani countryside, Firriato’s staff manually prunes vines. Accoring the scheuled program, Firriato’s staff carries out it in 2 steps:
The elimination of non fruit – bearing buds, and defoliation. Going into the details of the practices, the elimination of non fruit-bearing buds consists in eliminating the buds, that is, the fresh shoots that develop from the old wood on the stem of the vine from latent buds or old nodal portions, thus eliminating all those elements that would make the foliage too thick. The defoliation, as the name suggests, is aimed at removing the leaves that cover the bunches, to improve their aeration and insolation.

The correct foliage for a balanced fruit charge

In this way, the correct balance between gem load and annual vegetative flow allows Firriato not to thin out the bunches, a choice made possible also by the knowledge, acquired over the years, of the potential fertility (number of bunches per shoot) that each plot of the various vineyards has depending on the variety and the cultivation management implemented. Thus, the interventions in green, started with the germination, are completed around early June, favoring the development of plants that are photosynthetically efficient and supporting them qualitatively during maturation.


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