Year of Foundation

Estates which represent all the 6 different orders of soils that Sicily can offer

Different kind of terroir: Mountain (Etna), Sea (Favignana Island) and Hill (Trapani’s Countryside)

Hectares of vineyards certified in Organic farming procedures

Labels divided into 9 product lines:

Top Wine, Exclusive, Volcanic, Premium, Trendy, Classic, Organic, Sweet, Distilled

Hospitality Firriato

The experience of wine among the Sicilian vineyards: Calamoni Favignana Island, Baglio Soria Trapani, Cavanera Etnea


The Family

A lifetime of work to achieve a dream that would become a reference model. The dream of giving rise to an important production experience, with deep ties to the land and its ability to generate life, history and culture.


The History

It was the start of the eighties when Salvatore Di Gaetano, a businessman with a passion for his homeland, saw the right elements in this picture-postcard landscape to bear the fruit of his freely declared passion: high-quality wine.


The Brand

The name FIRRIATO takes its origin from the rural material culture of western Sicily, where the term was used to indicate the area close to the main house. A well defined and protected area where the most valuable crops were planted, starting with the vineyard. Firriato is an Italian term meaning enclosed, which by some strange linguistic trickery relates to the term Clos used in reference to French estates.


The Viticultural Estates

The soil variety which Sicily is able to offer is reflected by the 6 viticultural estates of Firriato, located in 3 different Terroir: from the Cavanera Etnea nestled on a series of wonderful terraces to the Calamoni di Favignana close to the sea, until the raisining garden of Borgo Guarini, the red marlstone soil of Baglio Sorìa and the native Sicilian vines growing in the Pianoro Cuddìa and Dàgala Borromeo estates.


World Wide Wine

Firriato produces an amount of 4.500.000 bottles per year in its 380ha of vineyards cultivated according to the organic farming standards. 36 labels belonging to 8 different collections, attentive studied and selected in order to communicate a production philososphy focused on the enhancement of the Sicilian ampelographic heritage and the Terroir of this island considered such as a real Winemaking continet at international level. 50% of Firriato’s production is exported abroad in 72 countries covering 5 out of 6 continents. For over thirty years Firriato’s export has showed a real positive still climbing trend functionally linked to the worldwide winelovers’approval especially those living in such countries like The USA, Germany Switzerland and Japan, places where Firriato boasts an historical presence.



Firriato is territory, nature, a dynamic landscape and the protection and enhancement of biodiversity. Firriato is fully committed to reaching an environmental standard of the highest order within the context of wine production of excellence both in Italy and on a European level. This business profile, so profoundly influenced by the ethical principles of sustainability, environmental protection and organic vineyards, is the result of a journey that began in the early part of this century and has developed and reached new goals year on year. Firriato now plays a leading role in the context of environmental issues in Sicily: in January 2014, it was one of the first Italian companies to be awarded ISO 14064 certification for the reduction and containment of greenhouse gas emissions by the DNV, the most prestigious certification authority at international level.

The first certified ZERO impact winery

Firriato has always had a great sense of responsibility and ability to respond to topical issues that affect the entire global society: from global warming to climate change, from the reduction of the biosphere to the risk of thinning biodiversity. To crown the virtuous process that started from its foundation, which saw it achieve very important results in terms of environmental sustainability, as the whole BIO certified agriculture, Firriato totally neutralized its greenhouse gases footprint on the environment, becoming CARBON NEUTRAL.

Firriato Winery, Authentic Terroir