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Firriato’s passion for Perricone

Sorìa Perricone

DOC Sicilia


Sorìa Perricone is the result of a long experimental research focused on the recovery project of this minor vine belonging to the viticultural Sicilian tradition. The Perricone grapes  from which Firriato produces this Sorìa Perricone, are another massal selection of Perricone owned by the winery that differs from the “Ribeca” one. This vine was accurately selected  by the winery in order to experiment all the possible expressions of this vine in different Terroir and climates. This clone differs very much from the other clone growing in the Pianoro Cuddìa estate, from which Firriato obtains Ribeca. As a matter of fact, Sorìa Perricone grapes are grown within the Baglio Sorìa estate, in the hinterland of Trapani countryside. This is a hilly terroir where soils are characterised by high percentage of red marlstones and clayey texture. We are in one of the areas mostly interested by viticulture at European level, from where it is possible to obtain very particular wines able to express fresh fragrances and an immediate agreeableness.

  • Appellation: DOC Sicilia
  • Vine: Perricone
  • Terroir: hilly
  • Soil: clayey with red marlstones presence
  • Esposizione: south-south-west (310 mt. a.s.l.)
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Production Area

Baglio Sorìa

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Baglio Sorìa soil is characterised by mineral elements, clay, red marlstones and other rocks of Oligocene period. Red marlstones are responsible for the structure of red wines of Baglio Sorìa estate.

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Sorìa Perricone

The massal selection of Perricone: Firriato’s experimental research goes on

The pleasure of discovering all the shades a vine can offer is a milestone of Firriato’s production philosophy since its foundation. The new Sorìa Perricone is another tile added to Terroir  and vines mosaic ranging from the Favigna island to the Etna volcano. This is a young and pleasant wine a great result of a long time research to identify the most interesting Perricone clone. The massive selection of Perricone is the key to find out this label expressing fruity notes marking its glass with a young and pleasant profile. The sparkle of its ruby red hues completes an overall picture confirming the unquestionable drinkability and fine wild fruit aromas togheter with the envelopping fragrances of must making a real difference between Sorìa Perricone and Ribeca, another famous Perricone based varietal wine of Firriato


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Paired with

Sliced fillet of Wild Boar

Marinate the 4 wild boar fillets for about an hour in a marinade of the olive oil, sage, rosemary, mint and peppercorns. Once marinated remove any remaining herbs attached to the meat. Heat a cast iron griddle until scorching hot and place the fillets on with care. Cook the meat for no more than 4 minutes each side. When ready to serve season with salt, oregano, and drizzle with olive oil.