The subtle elegance of an iconic wine


Passito IGT Sicilia


L’Ecrù is a natural passito wine produced from Zibibbo grapes. For the vinification of this prestigious label Firriato employs a method of infusion which adds the dried grapes directly to the wine; this is absolutely unique within the field of Italian winemaking. The ‘raisining’ garden at Borgo Guarini forms the backdrop for this unique process. Sun and wind define the estate’s climate, and their combined action determines the natural drying process of the grapes over about 40 days. The slow drying process favours the concentration of fragrances of Mediterranean scrub in each grape. The grapes are then removed from the stalks and put in the wine to infuse, giving L’Ecrù its uniqueness. There are no prolonged, interrupted and restarted fermentations: in contact with the wine the grapes swell up and release their precious aromatic properties, creating an incomparably balanced passito.

  • Appellation: Passito IGT Sicilia
  • Vine:  Zibibbo
  • Terroir: hilly
  • Soil: mid-mixture, mostly clayey
  • Exposure: south-west (1form 250 to 400mt. a.s.l)
©Firriato - pulsante 1 - L'Ecrù

Production Area

Borgo Guarini

©Firriato - mappa guarini - L'Ecrù

Borgo Guarini, at 165 hectares, is Firriato’s largest Estate and it illustrates Sicily’s agricultural history, a guardian of its land and oldest traditions. The colours of this landscape are vivid and iridescent like the unique light which defines this unspoilt backdrop.

©Firriato - Terroir borgo Guarini - L'Ecrù


Infused passito

L’Ecrù is an unusually fine, natural, sweet wine. The glint and sparkle of its rich golden colour bewitch you with their balance of uncommonly elegant Mediterranean fragrances and floral aromas. The infusion technique is what makes L’Ecrù so throroughly agreeable, showing up in the elegant bouquet of intense fragrances that exquisitely erupt in the glass with composite and sophisticated notes. On the palate it displays aromatic notes of honey, orange blossom, and citronella that delicately unite with the fragrances of dates and orange peel. L’Ecrù is a genuine joy for the senses that keeps its freshness and supporting acidity completely intact.

©Firriato - Annate LEcrù il giardino degli appassimenti BG - L'Ecrù
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High agronomy, infusion and extraordinary fragrances

L’Ecrù’s infusion method comes from a long, slow process which starts in the Zibibbo vineyards of Borgo Guarini. For this prestigious label Firriato calls on multiple agronomic techniques, with the aim of already obtaining on the plant the best grapes for each subsequent phase of vinification. The traditional Guyot vine training system has been experimented with to create a real specialisation in grape production, in order to obtain two distinctly different types of bunches, one for drying and the other for winemaking. To create L’Ecrù therefore requires two separate harvests. During the first harvest, which is carried out in the first ten days of August, the grapes growing on the spurs are collected. These bunches have smaller-sized grapes and a naturally higher concentration of sugar. Grapes from this part of the plant are spread out on the trellises in the sun for the lengthy drying process.

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©Firriato - Lecrù cannolo 9F6A5058 2 - L'Ecrù

Paired with


With the flour, lard, sugar and the egg make a dough. Add a pinch of salt, the vinegar and 40-50ml of amber white wine. Whilst working it together make sure that the resulting dough is well combined and pliable. Once this consistency has been reached leave the dough to rest for a couple of hours. Roll out the dough until it is quite thin. Cut it into diamond shapes about 10-12cm long and 6-7cm wide.