Firriato among the actors of the Wine Spectator Grand Tour 2017

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It’is on the air one of the most exclusive and important event of the International winescape in the USA. May 6th will be the start-up date for the Wine Spectator Grand Tour 2017 with a first stage in Las Vegas, followed by a second stage in Chicago on May 9th and a final stage in Miami on May 12th . A very important week for those, just like Firriato, aim to man the most important wine market at international level proposing more than 240 labels with a score over 90 pts out of 100.

A traveling wine tasting across some of the main American metropolis creating expectation in all participants. An exclusive parterre for a great remarkable public. Nowadays the USA represents the key player in the international winescape both for consumption and qualified press.

Among the wines representing Firriato in this traveling wine tasting will be Harmonium 2013, an icon wine for the production history of the winery belonging to Di Gaetano family, one of the reds mostly appreciated by international winemaking critics. “ Certainly, this is the most aristocratic red wine of our portfolio- the COO Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato said- with this icon wine we have contributed to make not only Sicilian winemaking more famous but also we have contributed to communicate the real champion of our viticulture, the Nero d’Avola vine”

Sicilian wineries can boast a great 2016 vintage: an increase by 70% in sales, particularly focused on Nero d’Avola wine- “we are experiencing this trend too. People drinks quality, paying close attention expecially on wines of the medium-high range. People looks for productive style and wine awareness – Federico Lombardo di Monte iato said. Harmonium is a blend of 3 different Nero d’Avola single vineyards,a vine variety considered as the prince of the Sicilian winemaking. This label embodies all the features making Sicilian terroir, one of the best viticultural areas worldwide: fine elegance and remarkable identity.
Firriato has been able at conquering its place in the International winescape. A dream started over ‘80s in Sicily, thanks to Salvatore and Vinzia di Gaetano, a great commitment that today their daughter Irene and her husband Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato still carry on.

6 estates located in the main Sicilian viticultural areas offer to consumers an overview of the island , according to Firriato’s style. From the Trapani countryside on the west coast, where the icon labels of this winery have been realized (Harmonium, Ribeca, Camelot, Santagostino e L’Ecrù) until the wines of the Mount Etna, in eastern Sicily, a terroir representative of the heroic viticulture of the mountain, highlighting Sicily as one of the most important wine production areas worldwide.

Firriato has always challenged the market with success. The last challenge was the introduction of viticulture on Favignana, the main island of the Egadi archipelago, the unique viticultural proposal you can find there. A real pearl of wisdom for intenational winelovers always looking for unique proposal for their wineglass.

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