Where to spend holidays this year? Favignana island: some good reasons to take into account

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Where to spend holidays this year? Favignana island: some good reasons to take into account

Calamoni di Favignana, the vineyard

The magic of grapes, a few metres from the sea

The sea not ten metres from us, seduces like the voice of a mermaid, inviting us for a dive. However, unlike Ulysses, we have a good reason to be distracted: moved by the breeze we turn and find row of vines kissed by sun and protected by a reassuring promontory on the top and a continuous line of drywall at the bottom. This view reveals us the Calamoni di Favignana estate, the unique vineyard in production of the Egadi islands, the real jewel estate of Firriato, located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, a flagship of a beautiful and heroic viticolture.

A Villa in the middle of nature

In the heart of the estate you can find a marvelous villa which Firriato shall make available for guests. An oasis of peace , very pleasant and fresh and closely in touch with nature with a porch from where enjoying marvelous sunsets after a pleasant day spent on the beach. Enjoy these sunsets with a glass of Favinia La Muciara, blend of Grillo, Catarratto and Zibibbo grapes growing in the heart of the Calamoni estate, a white characterised by pleasant flavour and minerality resulted by the marine influence concentrated in this wine, thanks to the briny water drops brought by wind into the vineyard , over the maturation period.

Aperitifs and parties during the Mediterranean summer

When you cannot miss a glass of Spumante

The natural beauty and the possibility to relax in a particular context such as the Calamoni one are supposed to be consedered like good reasons to spend some days of holidays in one of the pearl destination of the Mediterranean sea. The summer of Favignana are rich in aperitifs close to the sea and all night long parties , perfect opportunities to meet, know, remember also for uncorking a bottle of Saint Germain among friends. This sparkling wine dosage Brut belonging to Di Gaetano family is a blend of Grillo and Catarratto native vines, which particular fragrances make this spumante very easy to drink and enjoy.>

The food of the island

What to eat and drink

Food&drink is also a valid reason to go to Favignana. The local version of “cous-cous” expresses all the genuineness of the fish. The Santagostino bianco is the right wine to pair with this course coming from Africa and become one of the most authentic flavour of north-west part of Sicily. The Santagostino bianco is another blend, of Chardonnay and Catarratto, where fresh fruit aromas meet the fragrances of wildflowers, hazelnut, vanilla and a trace of almond. An ideal match for a perfect summer

The Grape Harvesy

When grapes travel on the sea

Eventually, a key event able to validate the visit: the grape harvest of Calamoni di Favignana occurring over the last days of August and the first decade of September. Grapes are manually harvested and placed in wooden crates that will be loaded on the typical fisherman boats to be brought to the port of Trapani. As a matter of fact, the Di Gaetano family has chosen to not build any winery on the island according to its eco-friendly production philosophy. This decision has indirectly generated the exhibition of the grape travel on the sea, which yearly attracts many visitors wanting to attend.


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