2014 harvest concluded: six terroirs of excellence for a Sicily as a wine continent

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On completion of the 2014 harvest in farms Firriato. Over 100 days of harvest in six different viticultural contexts. Etna and Favignana Island, the highlights of a heroic viticulture of great prospects, on which the family Di Gaetano wanted to invest.


Trapani, 10/28/2014 – With the harvest of the grapes on the estate of Cavanera on Etna Volcano, ended the Firriato’s harvest. In general, 2014, climatically, it was, at least until June, challenging. Lower temperatures than usual and rains that lasted until the end of spring, have influenced the stage of germination and growth of plants, until after flowering. Then, gradually rising temperatures and sunshine hours of the day, they heated the soil and favorite fruit set, game still a bit ‘late. The aging times were dilated, accumulating a delay of more than a week in the countryside around Trapani and Favignana. Etna Volcano, on the other hand, there were no rains, temperatures were in the seasonal norm and has even picked up well in advance. The weather conditions, the organic vineyards, they have greater weight and require great care and constant monitoring. A challenge that Firriato has passed, leading to the cellar the grapes healthy, beautiful, perfectly ripe. Of course, in the farms of Trapani, yields per hectare were lower than the harvest of last year, but the quality is there and how. “We are really happy – says Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato, head of marketing and communications company – is a vintage gem, especially for Mount Etna, on the island of Favignana and some varieties planted in the estates of Trapani’s countryside. We started the harvest with hand-picking of Chardonnay in the estate of Dagala Borromeo August 11, on the western side of Sicily, to end it two months later, on the opposite side of the island, with the harvest of Mount Etna. the forecast harvest been met, the season has been cool with some hot tip that did not affect in any way the great picture on Plant recorded from grapes. Surprising load aromatic white varieties of red grapes and show a remarkable balance between sugar and acidity, excellent prelude to the aging of our Cru “. In the Estate of Cavanera the slopes of Etna, in a unique production history and beauty, mild temperatures and low rainfall have provided a prodigious harvest of native grapes. The white grapes, and Cataratto Carricante, will provide wine and fresh with good acidity prevail where the fruity flavor; red grapes, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Hood, to reach its perfect maturity polyphenol through optimal ratio pulp peel, with a yield of 35-40 quintals per hectare, with a slight decrease compared to last year’s harvest. Particular value are the grapes in the vineyard of the estate of prefillossera Cavanera, where these magnificent specimens of vine rootstocks have, in some cases, far exceeded the century of life. “An amazing collection of grapes in a vineyard rare and spectacular – underscores Federico Lombardo – a uniqueness which Firriato has invested and why you chose this company Verzella, one of the historical districts of viticulture Etna.” In the countryside of Trapani, the heart of the production of Firriato, vineyards Holdings Baglio Sorìa, Borgo Guarini Dagala Borromeo and Flat Cuddia occupy the middle and upper hill between 150 and 400 meters above sea level, and the year 2014 confirmed the brilliant performance of previous years, with the only difference of a slight drop in production, especially of the indigenous grapes of Sicily Nero d’Avola and Perricone, compared to 2013. the system of farming has clearly requires a constant monitoring of the vineyards and the grapes can boast surprising result from the qualitative point of view, with a level of maturity for both white varieties for the red berries. Estimates as natural actions that occurred since the germination, with traditional sulfur baths and copper, have operated as a shield. Tenuta Borgo Guarini guards the Garden of wilting Firriato, home to one of the three phases of the harvest of the grapes Zibibbo, certainly the most complex collection for Firriato. From here comes the sweet L’Ecru, awarded for the sixth consecutive year with “5 Bunches” AIS Guide. The Estate of Baglio Sorìa however, is the cradle of Santagostino Red label icon Firriato, this year’s award-winning Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate and Gambero Rosso’s Guide.

The estates of the Calamoni on the island of Favignana, is now in its fifth harvest. A heroic and ambitious project which led to the recovery of the vine and vine growing in the reintroduction of the Egadi, after more than a century after his death. The new farming system for “leaning tree” has enabled an increase in production of 10% of the estate of Calamoni. Favourable climatic conditions have exceeded all expectations for the harvest of this niche product. The low rainfall and constant ventilation from the sea, have made it possible to achieve excellent parameters required by Firriato for its production: the degree of the grapes, ripening and polyphenol ratio pulp / peel, all of which are once again confirm the success of the project experienced by the wine Firriato of Favignana. The strength and uniqueness of this terroir studded with fossils and Quaternary age constantly fertilized by sea grass, are a real surprise harvest after harvest. This year, the ripening of the grapes has been slower, summer temperatures in line with other years and the sea winds of Favignana, have helped to produce grapes of the highest quality. A harvest of more than 100 days that required high precision and a steady job by Firriato six farms, each with different harvest times not only for areal and context, but also on the same vine. A complexity of factors to be managed in the vineyard during the harvest, and then in the cellar with the vinification of each batch. A mosaic of values and identity that contribute to the excellence of wine Firriato which has built its reputation and recognition.