The Nero d’Avola Grape Harvest: The Born of Harmonium

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The Nero d’Avola Grape Harvest: The Born of Harmonium

The treasure of Harmonium

The richness of three wines concentrated in one

Harmonium is not only Firriato’s treasure but a pearl for the entire Sicilian winemaking. A quality arising from Nero d’Avola vine, the prince of native vines of Sicily, growing in the Borgo Guarini estate, in three different Cru that can be distinguished because of particular soil and climate conditions, denifining three different grape harvest time. First, it is up to the Cru della Lepre grapes from which we achieve a wine rich in concentrated tannins; in the second place, we harvest grapes of Cru della Beccaccia, rich in anthocyans and very tasty on the palate. Last but not the least, we harvest grapes of Cru della Ferla, which wine is characterized by low sugar percentage therefore low alcohol level. After separarted micro vinisfications, these three wines are assembled in a unique Cuvée , weaving the perfect balance of Harmonium

The power of sun in a grape

Nero d’Avola vine expresses the energy of an entire island

Nero d’Avola is the proud of Sicily. In whatever Sicilian table, from Palermo to Catania, passing through Trapani or Siracusa, Nero d’Avola is guaranteed, integrating those Sicilian flavours and style and making them recognisable at international level. A powerful wine , enhanced by the power of the sun that invests all its energy in a unique land in which you can find so different climate and soil conditions just around the corner.

Three Cru, three Nero d’Avola

Different soil and climate conditions for the same vine cause different grape harvest time

This is the case of the three Cru of the Borgo Guarini estate . In the La Lepre vineyard, grapes look smaller and tend to ripen early because of high temperatures and low percentage of mineral salts in the soil. Among the hectares of La Beccaccia, the plot of land is rich in mineral salts just like potassium or magnesium , making this vineyard one of the most fertile despite high temperatures setting blooming development of bunches bringing the final taste of Harmonium. On the contrary ,the Cru of La Ferla is characterised by a colder climate and remarkable temperatures fluctuations between day and night slowing down the ripening process of grapes.


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