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The beginning of 100 days of Firriato’s grape harvest

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Prospects reveal a regular harvest season with great expectations especially for native grapes.

Today is the beginning of the Firriato’s grape harvest season 2017, starting in the Borgo Guarini estate, in the Trapani countryside with the traditional first harvest of Chardonnay grapes. The grape harvest 2017 is just beginning and will last 100 days, when the last grape harvest will be completed in the Cavanera Etnea estate, on the Etna volcano with the Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio harvest between the 2° and 3° decades of October.

“ We expect a regular grape harvest, not influenced by anticipation caused by heat peaks occurred over these days”- Firriato’ s COO Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato says. As a matter of fact , vines growing also in the barren areas (such as the Favignana one, in the Calamoni di Favignana estate), are in perfect conditions , any kind of sufferance related to water stress: not only safe but  also beautiful grapes , which fragrances will be intensely varied”

“Without further heat peaks – COO says – and with the current temperature fluctuations between night and day, the balanced  phenolic maturation is ensured as well as the phytosanitary integrity of grapes. We expect to collect the best grapes of the last five years.”

With these prospects the Di Gaetano family’s winery has great expectations for the 2017 grape harvest, especially for ”top”  territories of Baglio Sorìa in the Trapani countryside and Calamoni di Favignana in the Favignana island. Native vines- Zibibbo and Grillo- are characterised by an extraordinary aromatic profile. After Chardonnay, the grape harvest will continue with Grillo grapes destined to produce Saint Germain spumante dosage Brut.

Grape harvest will conclude in the Cavanera Etnea estate, north-west part of the Etna, where we are expected to achieve a high quality production  especially for the promising Nerello Mascalese.

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