©all copyright reserved by Firriato - 1 vini dolci firriato - A sweet present

A sweet present

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A sweet present

3 wines to the three most important people of our life

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - 1 vini dolci firriato - A sweet present

Christmas is around the corner and frenzy is palpable. It is difficult to find an original present. If we thought about something different? A bottle of wine could be a pleasant present to live a tasting experience; maybe a sweet wine to drink together in these holidays. Among the range of different labels, Firriato offers 3 sweet wines. Each one has been produced according three particular winelover profiles.

L’Ecrù, a matchless passito wine

Intense like the love we feel for the person we gave our heart

For the love of our life, for the person we gave our heart, we could donate a particular label as l’Ecrù, a matchless wine, the only made with the method of infusion. Zibibbo grapes dried on the sun in the drying garden within the Borgo Guarini estate are put in infusion in the Zibibbo based wine in order to extract both the alcoholic element and aromas from the dried grapes. That’ s how a rare wine born, to taste over a romantic dinner.


Favinia Passulé, unique nectar of Zibibbo grapes

A unique passito has led our steps in the path of our life


For a particular person such as our dad we could give a unique and exclusive wine as the beacon that has guided our steps in the path of our life, a refined wine such as Favinia Passulé. Zibibbo grapes are the origin of this intense nectar. Vines grow in the Calamoni di Favignana estate, close to the sea, receaving the healthy marine influence, the neptune grass, and an emerged land with its extraordinary salt and mineral elements. A passito wine with intense fruit and pleasant with a trenchant and delicate taste, as the advice can give to a son.

The versatility of L’Ocra plays our heartstrings.

A sincere wine suitable for every situations. The perfect present for our true friends.

Friends are our confidants for our difficult moments and they are the first to give such happiness filling our hearts. Eclectic people suitable for every occasion. The perfect wine for all of them is L’Ocra, suitable for the most traditional delicious Italian courses. This muscat wine is produced with Zibibbo grapes, fruity and harmonious but so perfect to match with semi hard cheese and hard cheese. A sweet delicate wine, never cloying and elegance gifted.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - 4 Ocra - A sweet present


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