Sustainable viticulture

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Ecology and respect for the environment, two values for Firriato

Environment preservation and quality as a target

Firriato and sustainable viticulture embody a perfect combination. Since 1989, we have followed a path of agronomic innovation focused on the idea of “terroir as capital”. From the island of Favignana to Mount Etna and passing through the Trapani countryside, our basic purpose is the conservation and safeguard of the entire soil and climate context, aimed at producing wines endowed with the real characteristics of the soil they come from. The effort for the enhancement and safeguard of the “terroir as capital” stems from the desire to hand over to future generations unpolluted soils, capable of producing – without any chemical support – top quality grapes to make wines that are the authentic expression of those terroirs. To Firriato, environmental protection and sustainable viticulture belong to the production philosophy that is an integral part of the company, from the vineyard to the bottle. Implementing this philosophy has not always been easy: environmental sustainability is not just a declaration of intent but a rule that needs to be implemented day in, day out, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, even in difficult years, and all this, with the sole aim of keeping our ethical commitment towards our community and wine lovers alike.

Herbicides? No Thanks

Sustainable viticulture without compromises

The enhancement of biodiversity in a natural habitat requires definite rules as well as more complex and demanding farming practices. This is why Firriato’s protocols don’t allow any compromise with planet Earth. It would be much easier using chemical herbicides or pesticides to enhance both viticulture and grape quality, but a clear choice has been made instead: growing vines without depleting the soil. To Firriato, nature is a fundamental ally in ensuring wine quality. Each stage of farming in the vineyard is part of an organic approach closely following the natural cycle of the vine and the vineyard: a “virtuous path” requiring the utmost effort that precision viticulture imposes.

Firriato’s organic certification

The prize list we love the most

Sustainable grape growing is not an abstract idea: it is an effort that has received prestigious certifications by international certifying bodies. Firriato was among the very first Italian wineries to be awarded the ISO 14064 certification on the reduction and control of greenhouse gases during the whole production process, from the vineyard to the bottle. With the ISO 14001 certification Firriato was also recognised for its waste management system. However, certifications alone do not tell the whole story about this all-round journey that also includes the planting of 6400 trees in the Trapani countryside to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as the winemaker’s sustainable architecture aimed at saving energy and reducing environmental impact.This journey along the path to sustainability started long ago and commits Firriato for the future: it is not a marketing strategy, but a real production philosophy.


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