Springtime at Dàgala Borromeo

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The Awakening

The freshness of nature, the beauty of its renewal, of youth blooming

Spring has arrived to Dàgala Borromeo. The time of sleep and hardship is over and it is now time for passions and scents of nature to come to life again. Across the vineyards of Perricone and Nero d’Avola grapes, days become longer and nights shorter and the earth awakens from a long winter sleep.

The Buds

The process of bud break: birth of new life

When the vine senses the right conditions and the temperatures needed to reactivate, it starts the phase of bud break.

Small buds of light colour with pink shades appear to life with the enthusiasm and vitality of one who is setting off on a new adventurous journey.

They erupt powerfully from pruned branches as children of a prolific land farmed under certified organic practices.

The Trapanese countryside between past and future

The trellised bush-pruned vine, combining tradition and innovation

The 40-hectare vineyards at Dàgala Borromeo enjoy a dry and ventilated microclimate.

It is one of FIRRIATO’s most prominent estates, an unspoilt place where bush-pruned vines leaning on trellises grow in a habitat that is ideal for both climate and ventilation.

This farming technique also allows the plant to grow more leaves closer to the ground thus preserving soil moisture even in the hottest summer months.


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