©all copyright reserved by Firriato - tasting panel 2018 640x640 - FIRRIATO 2018 A SPARKLING BEGINNING
Great New Year for Firriato winery. The Tasting Panel Magazine, one of the most remarkable American magazines focused on high quality wine&spirits sector and guided by Anthony Dias Blue, has
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Monique Soltani 1 640x640 - WINE OH TV TOGETHER WITH FIRRIATO ONCE AGAIN
After visiting Trapani countryside, Monique Soltani comes to the Etna volcano to reveal the secrets of the mountain viticulture to American Winelovers Monique Soltani, one of the flagships of the
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - DOly WiWkAEajEq 3 1 1 640x512 - JAMES SUCKLING 'S GREAT RATING FOR FIRRIATO WINES
Last Rating for Firriato wines comes from James Suckling, another confirmation of the production project carried out by Firriato winery and focused on the Authentic Terroir concept deserving a rating
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Rettangolare graphic 640x640 - FIRRIATO WINE TOUR USA 2017
From California to Texas, from New Jersey to Maryland, FIRRIATO Ambassador of Sicilian viticulture and of Authentic Terroir Firriato, the wine quintessence of Sicily, is once again pleasing the palates
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - 22528516 1559936074090462 3793240019078318740 n 640x640 - Firriato at Wine Spectator’s New York Wine Experience with Harmonium , the top cru 3 single vineyards  of the family
Important spotlights for the Firriato Harmonium at the recent New York Wine Experience, the annual meeting arranged by Wine Spectator to showcase to its enthusiastic audience an exclusive selection of
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Firriato roma 640x640 - Firriato at Rome with Glamour
At Villa Miani in Rome, an outstanding event to celebrate Firriato in the Capital city. More than 3000 guests joined the event to taste Di Gaetano family’s wines.
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Firriato Experiencing 640x640 - Experiencing FIRRIATO
Travelling through Sicilian Terroir, on stage in the Eternal City Wine tasting & Cooking Show Rome, Villa Miani, October 16th, 2017 04:00- 11:00 pm – Private Event upon  invitation Exclusivity,
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - FIRRIATO partner della XX edizione del Raid dell’Etna 640x640 - FIRRIATO official partner of XX edition “Raid dell’Etna”
Historical Sicilian wine brand Firriato will be once again partner of “Raid dell’Etna” XX edition (September 24th– 30th, 2017), the International event about vintage car along Sicilian roads. 620 miles
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - 1 Borgo Guarini 640x640 - The beginning of 100 days of Firriato’s grape harvest
Prospects reveal a regular harvest season with great expectations especially for native grapes. Today is the beginning of the Firriato’s grape harvest season 2017, starting in the Borgo Guarini estate,
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Wine spectator tour 2 1 640x630 - Firriato among the actors of the Wine Spectator Grand Tour 2017
It’is on the air one of the most exclusive and important event of the International winescape in the USA. May 6th will be the start-up date for the Wine Spectator
©all copyright reserved by Firriato - SiciliaEP Tw 1 640x512 - Firriato Sicilia En primeur 2017
Wine Tales of the Third Millennium: Firriato and the New Romance between Tradition and Innovation at Sicilia en primeur 2017 39639