Perricone, the minor vine

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The History of Perricone


The sunset of XIX century was the golden age of Perricone vine, nowadays considered as a minor vine. Among wines used to produce Marsala Rubino, we could find this varietal one,  rich in fragrances and able to generate the crucial tannin component for the aging process. The reason behind ist almost disappearance is to find in the phylloxera phenomenon of the last century that badly affected Sicilian viticulture. With the Sicilian winemaking Reinassance, having started some years ago, the agronomic  interested has been focused on minor vines such as Perricone  one, destined to take a among flagship vines representing the viticulture of the island.

The efforts of Perricone cultivation 

The late ripen process of Perricone represents a risk factor: the unpredictability of climate conditions can affect the growing process of the plant by reducing quality level. Perricone plays a key role In the Authentic terroir project of Firriato thanks to its particular fetures making this vine able to truly reflect the soil conditions where it grows. The most suitable land is located in western Sicily where the soil of the Pianoro Cuddìa estate is reach in clayey elements. The soil texture allows the vine to develop cylindrical or pyramidal shaped grapes with intense skin color and impressive complicated bouquet.

Perricone according to Firriato winery.

Ribeca is a Perricone varietal wine a real Cru cultivated by Firriato in the most suitable estate for its development: The Pianoro Cuddìa Estate. This wine has resulted by more than 10 year old work and research for the Perricone recovery , a real tough road ahead but a goal as well to achieve for the Di Gaetano family. The Ribeca’s brother is Sorìa Perricone, a younger version of this wine, belonging to Trendy collection of Firriato. This younger sensorial profile has been studied in order to meet Millenials consumers’palates, always very attentive to hot trends and presenting a real demanding taste. This wine is characterised by a strong identity, a perfect glass to enjoy among the Digital age people, those citizens wanting to discover the story of a land by the language marked by a modern taste.