How to pair Italian cheese and Firriato’s wines

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Gorgonzola and Ecrù

From North to South, wine and cheese are always present. Different regions, lands marked by the most authentic handcrafted agricultural culture, a real icon of the most refined Made in Italy. These thoughts send the mind back to the sublime idea to pair gorgonzola , one of the most typical Italian cheese, with Firriato’s Passito wine, L’Ecrù. A natural refined wine, disclosing all the expressions of Zibibbo grapes in a glass. Sour and sweet, strenght and delicacy: an alluring game seducing palate with a so exclusive match.

Caprino and Altavilla Grillo

Grillo is a native Sicilian vine supposed to be cosidered The Next big thing of Sicilian winemaking in the next future. Among the hills of the Borgo Guarini Estate, Firriato produces a wine very rich and intense in a glass: The Altavilla della Corte Grillo. This wine can be naturally matched with sea-food based courses such as sword fish. Aniway, following the “fil rouge” of a refined provocation, why do not match it with one of the most famous cheese at Italian level  a fresh caprino cheese? Or stracchino and robiola as well, which softness is exalted by a lively and joyful white as the Altavilla della Corte Grillo

Ricotta and Le Sabbie dell’Etna Bianco

This is a natural and intimate marriage. Sicily has been one of the Italian regions that has exalted  all the features of this extraordinary product: Ricotta. Fresh or smoked, sweet or fried, used to season pasta or consumed alone with a spoon: the variations of one of the most genuine and authentic Italian cheese can satisfy all palates and if we can suggest a wine to pair with it, no doubt to mention Le Sabbie dell’Etna bianco, blend of native vines Carricante and Catarratto, powerful expression of a unique coltivation such as that one of the Cavanera Etnea Estate.

Pecorino and Harmonium

Wherever it happens enjoying the luck of this food and wine pairing, in the comfort zone of your home or in a refined winehouse gourmet, it would not be difficult to imagine ourselves outdoor, in the sun and wind of the timeless Sicilian countryside, maybe leaned against a wood table under the shadow of a welcoming olive tree. Moreover this is the task up to the better and researched tastes, offering multisensorial experiences going beyond the normal boundaries. This happens when you pair a sip of Harmonium , produced by Firriato a bite of pecorino,probably medium aged, the king of the Mediterranean cheese.

Mozzarella di Bufala and Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs

To conclude this sensorial path, the last wine and food pairing could be not understood. We talk about that one of the mozzarella di bufala – a sort of symbol of Italy- and Gaudensius Blanc de blancs, elegant classic method destined to surprise the taster. Bubbles and steamed cheese, Sicily and Campania, two different South parts of Italy but also two sisters, exported around the world and that have not to be only considered “good food” but also synonyms of culture and tradition. Let’s toast  and refine our taste buds: it’s time to taste.


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