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Natural fertilisation

The infusion of raisins for the production of sweet wines is now complete. Even though a few leaves are still on the plants, winter has now officially begun and Firriato’s tireless heroes prepare the land of the estates to face the colder months of the year. Firriato’s green attitude requires adopting only eco-friendly techniques such as fertilising the soil with natural residues from the processing of the grapes.

The raisins coming from the infusion of L’Ocra and L’Ecrù, the two dessert wines originating from Firriato’s Garden of raisining, are in fact used to restore fertility and add new life to the estates in the Trapanese countryside such as Baglio Sorìa and Borgo Guarini.

Regarding the pomace of Passulè, the unfortified dried-grape wine from the island of Favignana, it will “return home” to fertilise the beautiful 5-hectare estate of Calamoni.

Firriato’s Green Attitude

Fertilisation with fruit debris, as well as cattle manure, is one of those green practices that make Firriato a true champion of biodiversity conservation and grape growing under organic farming. Firriato uses natural fertilisers to feed the plants with a slow release of mineral elements. The marc, directly distributed on the soil, has a considerable fertilising power mainly due to the presence of nitrogen and potassium hydrate.

The beneficial effects of fertilisation allow an improvement of soil texture and the increase of biocenosis. All these organic fertilisation practices contribute to the preservation and care of all the vineyards from the six estates, the pieces of a precious mosaic built over time with passion and love for the land. This is a perfect testimony of how tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously in full respect of the wonderful Sicilian terroir of which Firriato is a keeper and an ambassador to the world.


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