Monique Soltani visits Firriato Winery: the first format shot in Sicily on Wine OH TV streaming channel

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Firriato’Sicily, a wine continent contained into an island. From the slopes of Etna,  the biggest active volcano in Europe, to Trapani Estates, passing through Favignana, the “butterfly of the Egadi islands”. The soul and face of  Wine Oh Tv , the American television channel devoted entirely to the world of wine, Monique Soltani tells about her travel path.

Sicily has been seducing and captivating travellers for centuries! For wine lovers like me – Monique Soltani says -visiting Sicily for the very first time is  just like a dream come true. The pleasure is a priority in this land and the sun of Sicily is its secret weapon. What comes first ?Wine, food and family. It was love at first sight and at the first sip with Firriato winery wines.

Federico Lombardo di Monte Jato of Firriato company welcomes Monique Soltani, in order to discover the authentic terroir interpreted by the Sicilian historical brand. An emotional journey  to know  about both  the sea heroic viticulture practiced in Favignana island and the mountain  heroic viticulture practiced on the most popular Sicilian wine terroir: Etna. Moreover, in the west coast land of Sicily,  Firriato has given life to its  great dream.  Nowadays, Firriato company can boast an ampelographic heritage perfectly representative of the entire island thanks to its 6 estates, placed in the most interesting wine terroir of Sicily. Nero d’Avola, Perricone, Nerello Mascalese, Zibibbo, Grillo and Catarratto grapes  are the main Sicilian grapes that have made the history of this brand.

The Wine Oh Sicilian trip, a featured co-production with Gran Via Communication & Society, takes place during the Zibibbo harvest.

Monique Soltani visits the guarded jewel grape-drying garden in the Borgo Guarini vineyard while Federico Lombardo Monte Jato explains  the secrets of the infusion technique adopted by Firriato, a unique grape-drying technique only used by Firriato winery to produce the passito wine Ecrù.

Furthermore, Monique Soltani also joined Favignana grape harvest in the only vineyard of Egadi islands in front of Trapani. In Calamoni di Favignana Estate the American journalist experienced the value of an extreme and marine viticulture, where the soil and weather conditions play a key role even under the organoleptic profile of wines produced by Firriato in Favignana.

“Extroardinary sapid wines, very pleasant but unusual and unique at the same time. A terroir where the sea imprint is a really important tasting component”- Monique said- stressing not only the limited production of these wines but also the oenological value of this particular terroir.

The story ends in Baglio Sorìa, where one of Firriato Resort is located. An old seventeenth-century farmhouse, given a new life after a careful restoration completely restored and opened to curious wine lovers wanting to experience Sicilian wine.  From the Skylounge view of Trapani salt evaporation pond to Egadi islands, Monique Soltani greets her audience tasting two red wines among the most representative of Firriato winery: Harmonium,the top wine made of three different Cru of Nero d’Avola grapes, and Le Sabbie dell’Etna which is a  blend of Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese  indigenous grapes of the Etna volcano.