The magic of Etna on the Spiegel Tv with Firriato Winery

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The first episode of the “In the Shadow of Volcanoes” , a series focused on telling about life in these extreme territories ,written and produced by Millstream Film&Media is already on the air.  The production project of Cavanera on the Etna volcano is one of the contents of the movie documentary, on the air on the important German TV headline over these days.

A tv report releasing all the magic of a unique place like the Etna one and not only beacuse of viticultural practice. “ The value of this movie documentary – Faderico Lombardo di Monte Iato says- is based on the narrative format and the authenticity of this so particular territory. Andrea Vogt and Paul  Russel on behalf Millstream Film&Media have really made significant TV job by realizing a slice of life of the Etna, where people has found a balanced dimension and nature respect”.


“Etna-the Land of Lava” is the title of the first episode of “In the Shadow of Volcanoes”” series, broadcast by the German Spiegel TV Wissen. A production realized by the British sector company Millstream with a branch located in Bologna in cooperation with the Italian GranVia Società&Comunicazione. Tv producers Andrea Vogt and Paul  Russel have conceived a series of 5 episodes addressed to German TV, each of them exploring the reality of the most important volcanos worldwide. 3 out of 5 episodes have been completely  filmed  in Italy: Etna, Vesuvio and Phlegraean Fields.

It is up to Etna , the biggest and highest volcano in Europe, to pull the trigger to TV broadcasting: on the air on Wednesday 25th January with weekly reruns.

Firriato, the Sicilian wine reality of high quality standards, has been chosen to represent viticultural production of one of the viticultural places of the Old Europe, which benefits from the attention of the most eminent winemaking experts. Vinzia Novara Di Gaetano and  Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato tell in a bit more detail the reasons prompting Firriato to set viticulture in this extraordinary and unique territory and the daily commitment to safeguard and protect the pre-phylloxera  centenarians vineyard, a real rarity in the international winescape.


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The magic of Etna on the Spiegel Tv with Firriato Winery