“Lunches party”… Firriato celebrates Easter in Sicily. Re-opening in Firriato’s style for Resort Baglio Sorìa

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March 21th, 2016 – It will be a delicious Easter proposed by Firriato with “lunches party”, a new formula for “live” the authentic tradition of the festive table of Sicily. What better time to spend Easter ‘s Sunday and Monday in one of the greatest place of the Sicilian wine charme Baglio Sorìa, Resort & Wine Experience  in Trapani?

Easter’s Sunday and Easter’s Monday, at lunch – but only for those who have booked by calling the number 0923 861679 or 347 7407134 – will go on the table the refined pleasure of two different menu, designed and delivered by the resident Chef Baglio Sorìa Gaetano Basiricò. “Good food is our best ally – says Federico Lombardo Monte Jato, Firriato’s chief of production and marketing  – to enhance the value of wine, conviviality and celebration. Resort re-open after the winter break with a very attractive solution for who will be in Trapani for the Easter’s holidays and to follow the Mysteries celebration.

It will be feast with our best labels, combining two different menus – a sea menu and land menu – Firriato is an important reference’s point for wine’s tourism and for the culture of the area. The foreign presence are growing and also Italians return to spend in the Trapani province them holidays, especially with the start of summer. The opening of this year coincides with the beginning of the Easter’s holidays and  with the procession of the Mysteries, one of the  best represent of artistic and religious history of the city of Trapani. A celebration that annually attracts thousands of visitors who come to Sicily to attend one of the finest religious rites in a evocative island. Saturday,26th March officially will start the new season of the structure that, less than a year after its opening, which took place on 12th , has won a prominent place in the international hotel business, becoming one of the main destinations of charme in Sicily.

The wine resort was instantly recognized in the Sicilian hospitality scene for its original formula that combines a luxury hospitality service with the opportunity to experience a relaxing break in one of the specimens places Sicilian sector, the agricultural estates in the Trapani.  A stay at the Resort & Wine Experience, for wine lovers, is an opportunity to learn, in direct contact with the protagonists, a philosophy, a way of being, a production style that has always characterized the Di Gaetano’s family.

Baglio Sorìa was awarded last January as the Best Hotel of the Year 2015. The competition celebrates the Sicilian excellence that have distinguished themselves in the field of enogastronomy and hospitality. The recognition is awarded following the reports and positive written reviews with both guests and the specialized press in the travel industry.


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