Close to the harvest, Firriato’s forecasts for the vintage 2014

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Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato: “A season fresh and not overly warm. Will be a vintage less productive but high-profile, if the weather holds this trend.” Long maturation favor the accumulation especially in the aromatic white grapes. Excellent picture phytosanitary registered. It starts with chardonnay Dagala Borromeo with the manual collection.

Trapani – August 8, 2014 – The taste of the grapes in the vineyard sampled repeats tirelessly every day. All staff are enlisted, the harvest from Firriato is coming and the year seems to be the most “fresh” the last 10 years, with temperatures that, on average, were found to be even lower than 5 degrees, the stage of germination and until veraison of the bunch.

The countryside of Trapani, where they insist seals “historical” of the winery, a delay in the maturation of the grapes oscillate between a week and ten days compared to the previous harvest. There is talk of harvest long, slow, but also “special” especially for white grapes, at least at this stage. For black grapes is still too early to make a forecast but, at the moment, there are good premises for a vintage to remember. If the weather conditions will confirm and will not arrive “barrel hot”, you will, in general, an organoleptic panel of the grapes of greater balance between sugar and acidity, with great scents and increased longevity of the wine.

This particular climatic conditions, with rainfall were concentrated in the spring and pre-summer, in a context of increased ventilation in the most exposed areas, with a predominance of winds from the north-western quadrant, required an additional effort for those monitoring activities and immediate intervention in the vineyard and the regime usually requires certified organic. The low temperatures and increased humidity can in fact trigger fungal attacks and phyto-sanitary problems in the grapes ripening in that, in some areas of the island, were also recorded. The constant monitoring of the vineyards – zone by zone and by grape variety planted – and estimates as natural actions that occurred since the sprouting, with traditional sulfur baths and copper, have a shield, preventing mildew to come forward. In short, healthy grapes, beautiful, extraordinarily rich, where the aromatic components play great. It will be a very special vintage, perhaps even strange in some ways, with plants less fertile than the previous vintage, but will appeal to acidity and freshness.

The vineyards are exceptionally green and show a great vegetative vigor of the plants, with a large and well-developed foliage. The availability of water during the period of development had a positive effect on the leaf coverage in all farms of Firriatoof Trapani countryside, Baglio Soria, in Dagala Borromeo, from Pianoro Cuddia to Borgo Guarini. The data of the precipitation occurring is very eloquent: from just over 500 mm of rainfall recorded in the area in 2013 it has gone to more than 700 mm this year.

“We are really happy – explains Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato, marketing manager of the company – the vineyards are a radiance, the grapes are healthy and aging is progressing on a regular basis but a bit ‘slower, and if the weather holds and there will sirocco and sultry – says Federico Lombardo – it might be a harvest really high-profile, less productive but extremely interesting, especially in the whites that we are going to start collecting.’s start with Chardonnay Dagala Borromeo with manual harvesting in the box. then slowly, we will proceed with the other varieties, according to the monitoring and direct tasting in the vineyard.’ll be two months of work intense but exciting as ever. We’ll harvest Favignana in late August, bringing in slightly over-ripe red grapes to balance the relationship pulp and peel facilitate the accumulation of phenolic grapes. Etna will close with the collection that will begin slightly earlier (about one week) in early September with the Nerello Mascalese intended to Gaudensius, then in October the collection of all the produce that , Etna, will continue until the second week of the month. As is easy to see the harvest of Firriato is very demanding and requires a lot of precision and a huge amount of work, six farms of reference, with different harvest times for areal and context, but also on the same vine. A complexity of factors to be managed in the vineyard during the harvest, and then, in the cellar, with the vinification of individual games. A mosaic of values ​​and identity that contribute to the excellence of wine which has built Firriato recognition and reputation. ”

Great premise for the Estate of Calamoni on the island of Favignana, where the climate was less rainy than in the mainland but with temperatures not high and constant ventilation, powered by a prevailing north and without a day of sirocco. In contrast with the data of lower production budgeted in the agro of Trapani, production in Favignana is greater than the 2013 harvest of a good 10%. This increase is due to the introduction of the new pruning and cultivation system “alberello supported”, allowing the plant a greater wind resistance, especially during the flowering and pollination. The white varieties are prefigure a very good year, especially with these slow ripening, but regular and prolonged basis. Zibibbo and Grillo will bring a dowry aromatic important. Black grapes on the reading is more difficult and partly by the need to mitigate the effect of low temperature and composition of the soil that could reduce the accumulation of phenol peels. The device implemented by the technical staff of Firriato for this year so special as regards weather, in order to balance the ratio pulp / peel, will be to bring the grapes to a light and natural ripening of the grapes on the vine before collection, so you can absorb the slowdown in the phenolic ripeness of the skins. It is no coincidence that Firriato it comes to precision viticulture.

Finally, the great mountain, Mount Etna and the Estate of Cavanera in Verzella, in the territory of Castiglione di Sicilia, on the side of the north-east of the volcano. The King of Terroir of Sicily. The season has been exemplary in terms of climate, there has been cold and vineyards appear in great shape. The production load is normal and the health of the grapes is even exemplary. Even the Etna vineyard management is certified organic, one of the few production companies that produce on Etna in organic farming. In qualitative terms, it is still too early to make a prediction and does not feel Firriato to advance to today’s estimation, but the assumptions on Etna because there is an important harvest are all there. The rainfall has not been excessive, in fact they do decrease somewhat. This element can be seen from the size of the berries that, in this vintage Etna, occur in clusters smaller and more compact, especially in red grapes Nerello Mascalese, the prince of the vines of Etna tradition.