Grillo, Inzolia or Catarratto?

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Grillo, Inzolia or Catarratto? Firriato’s interpretations of native white grapes


A grape varietal , synonymous of Sicily

When we talk about a vine like Grillo, we also think about Sicily. It could be a mere synecdoche, but this white grape ,characterised by high sugar content, embodies the fresh soul of the island, its wind, minerality and the sea, with the energy of its land and sun , releasing powerful wines with remarkable alcohol content , but definitely perfect to enjoy during summer sunsets. A glass of Altavilla della Corte, is for instance, one of the Firriato’s Grillo DOC expression. Fresh and intense, its fragrances fully express the soul and flavours of the Mediterranean area. Why not to taste Caeles organic wine with great personality too, recognisable and characterising in its citrus notes.


The most ancient vine of the island

The title of the “most ancient” vine of the island is up to Inzolia, always been at the base of Sicilian winemaking , very appreciated so as to be spread also at national level. There is no sure information relating the arrival of this vine by Greek trade boats of centuries or after, by Norman people. There is no doubt that one of its best quality expression is embodied by Chiaramonte, which grapes grow in the Dàgala Borromeo estate, of Di Gaetano family. Its terroir is characterised by low mineral elements and high fertile level. Delicate and fine with aromas evoking exotic fruit, in a glass of Chiaramonte is possible to find almond notes and mediterranean herbs, all combined with a freshness makes this wine very pleasant to taste.


The pleasure meeting nature

Eventually, the third native Sicilian varietal, Catarratto, one of the most cultivated vine also at national level. Its wine presents high acidity level positively influences aromatic and tasting freshness and a clear dry taste. You can find all these qualities in another Caeles of Firriato, Caeles Catarratto indeed. The grapes of this vine, growing in the Borgo Guarini estate in the Trapani countyside, reveal note of broom while on the palate this wine discloses a fragrant and fresh unicum which only its organic vocation is able to generate, between herbaceous hues and fruity notes of an unspoiled nature.


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