Great scoring for Firriato’s Organic CÆLES Cataratto at International Organic Wine Award

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With the amazing score of 92 points the new organic line of Firriato, the CÆLES Catarratto brings home a prestigiousaward that rewards the green commitment of the historic brand of Sicilian wine.

Trapani, 10 July 2014. Has just ended in Germany, the fifth edition of the international prize dedicated to organic wines. more than 700 labels from 19 countries of the world, have been evaluated by the panel of experts according to the method PAR, rigid and inflexible system developed by the oenologist Martin Darting and approved by the European Union.
On the winners podium of the CÆLES Cataratto Firriato who gets the gold medal with a score of 92 points, ranking it among the best participants in the competition.

2014 was the year of the debut of the new line of certified organic wines CÆLES, composed only by Cataratto also honored by a Nero d’Avola and Syrah. The peculiarity of organic farming is the use of natural agents, such as plants and microorganisms, for the defense of the plant, replacing herbicides are generally used for non-organic vineyards. A virtuous path from the vineyard to the cellar where all the processes are strictly controlled and follows a precise regulation full of prohibitions and requirements, so the substances used must be obtained from raw materials of agricultural origin, a symptom of the great respect that caters to the environment Firriato agricultural production.

CÆLES Cataratto comes from organic grapes grown in the beautiful terroir of the estate of Borgo Guarini. The deliciously fresh and fruity tones of this native variety intensify in his capacity as Bio and leave the taster taste of unspoiled nature. “A wine of the world that can guarantee an unforgettable experience. Result of a good harvest conducted according to a strict production bio. Caeles Cataratto is able to win the attention of international wine lovers “these are the reasons for which the jury of experts has motivated the allocation of 92 points and the resulting gold medal.

“This international competition – says Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato, marketing manager of Firriato – is today the industry’s most prestigious awards given to organic wines. The PAR method classifies wines according to their origin, quality and type of cultivation and the personal preferences of those who taste, has no influence on the evaluation. We are very proud of and proud of this gold medal that pays us the great efforts in respect of the land and the entire ecosystem of Sicily. The enthusiasm of consumers towards the line CÆLES and prestigious awards as the score just earned an additional incentive in the great plan for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity undertaken by Firriato in 2000 and carried on with the passion and dedication of all time. “