Grape harvest in Sicily

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Grape harvest in Sicily

The origin of a myth

The vine in Sicily, a stretching back century tradition

A mythical land. This is the way how Sicily appears to the eyes of who admires remains of temples, Greek amphitheatres, Norman architecture, dreamlike  unconscious of baroque churches and the Arab heritage of open-air markets. As a matter of fact, we can say that this is the same way of how one of the flagships of this island appears to the world. That is the vine. Sicily and vine  interlaced with a time shining for the opacity of information blended in a Phoenecian legend. It is they above all, who imported the Bacchus’plant that has been crossing the time so far, a great time period that after a last century full of changes and technical progress, has made Sicilian wine among the most appreciated and desired at international level.

A multiwine Sicily

In the island, the same grapes can show themselves in completely different ways

A product, the Sicilian wine, so extraordinary because of grapes quality, ables to differently express their soul according to the different  terroir  where they grow. This is the case of such vine varietal like Catarratto that is supposed to express the energy of the volcano, if it grows on the Mount Etna, unlike the terroir of Favignana, one step behind the Mediterranean sea, where the same grape will release the mineral sapidity of the briny water in the wine. Other examples are vines growing in the  sunny Trapani countryside, where Firriato and Di Gaetano family with its four estates of  Borgo Guarini, Baglio Sorìa, Pianoro Cuddìa and Dàgala Borromeo, are the most representative producers.

The detail of grape harvest

Not all lands and grapes are supposed to be collected in the same time brackets

A vine varietal  linked to the crucial moment of the entire productive cycle of wine: the grape harvest. As a matter of fact, according to vine varietal and its placement in the Sicilian map of vines, grape harvest can vary from the first decade of August , such as the Chardonnay of the Borgo Guarini estate, a place boasted by a thousand-year-old agricultural tradition or, far beyond, at the altitudes of Cavanera on the Etna, where the red Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese grape harvest starts only in the middle of October, concluding an intense collect period, lasting one-hundred days.


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