Firriato’s Calici di Stelle: a Wonderful night at Baglio Sorìa looking at the stars

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It will be a party like no other one scheduled for Monday, 10 August Goblets of Stars, the largest summer event sponsored by the Wine Tourism Movement and the Association of Italian wine-producers. Firriato welcome wine lovers Baglio Sorìa, seventeenth-century structure now fully recovered and turned into one of the most charming wine resort island.
The opening of the dances – and not just a way to say, given that music, along with wine, characterizes this edition 2015 – is 20.30, when it will be open to the public this “paradise” of the Sicilian countryside, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and evocative of western Sicily and participate in a “full immersion” in the universe of Firriato, being able to enjoy the full range of wines produced by the various farms of the Family Di Gaetano, from the island of Favignana until more territory ahead of the Sicilian viticulture, with the Estate of Cavanera Etna. An eno-sensory that has a preamble in the vineyards of Nero d’Avola Tenuta Baglio Soria, where wine lovers can listen to the story of a viticulture focused on quality and on the biological, the concept of Terroir authentic, excellence wine territories that helped nourish civilization throughout the Mediterranean, the vine and wine.
After the vineyards, a visit to the seventeenth-century Baglio with its large white stone courtyard, onto which the structures of the old winery, the house, the warehouses and the homes of farmers, transformed into an environment where you can spend a rich history of winemaking, but also elegance and comfort more exclusive. Leaving the Baglio, the route will wind along the tasting areas, to savor the true celebrities of Sicilian: Top wines as the harmonium, the Rebec and The Ecru, but also lines produced on the island of Favignana and on ‘Etna. A tasting journey to fully capture, being able to enjoy 32 different labels, terroir unique and unrepeatable, but that collect and represent the “continent wine” that is Sicily.
The entrance fee to visit the vineyards, Baglio and taste the wines is 15 € + 5 € of deposit – for your pocket and tasting glass – that the return of the kit will be returned.
In the evenings, you can also reach the Belvedere Sorìa Sky Lounge where you can listen to great music and enjoy the prodigious cocktail mixology Firriato (excluding admission fee). 22:30 The highlight of the evening, watching the sky Baglio Sorìa that the shooting stars of the Night of San Lorenzo will add the show of fireworks.
But Firriato for Goblets of Stars reserves other surprises. For those wishing to dine in the restaurant Baglio Sorìa, Chef Gaetano Trapani Basiricò has developed an amazing tasting menu at the Night of San Lorenzo. The cost reserved for fans of Firriato is 35 Euros excluding drinks, with reservations required. But the real surprise will be the special tastings, theme and number of participants, at times pre-ordered and with reservations required. To usher in the first year of participation in Goblets of Stars, Firriato in fact wanted to devote to wine lovers three exceptional encounters: 21.00 “Great White Firriato” wines with 5 different expressions of terroir; at 22:00 will be the turn of the vertical tasting dedicated to the highly decorated harmonium and three different Cru Nero d’Avola that compose it. To vertical tasting of vintages in this memorable label, the wine lovers can taste – a preview – the three crus that create the harmonium, creating something that has no precedent in Sicily and, perhaps, in Italy; Finally, at 23.00, the last tasting theme that will be dedicated to Terroir authentic Firriato, with vertical tastings dedicated to Favinia White 2011 and 2013, at Cavanera Bramble of Coturnie Rosso 2007 and 2011 and the inevitable harmonium 2005 and 2012. The cost Extra expected for these tastings limited number (from a minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 16) is 30 Euro.
To book the extra activities, dinner with tasting menu and special tastings, you must call the number 347 4259516 or write an email to