Firriato at Vinitaly 2018

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The wines of the Etna, the development plan focused on the volcano, the current project of the eco-friendly winery, the partnership with Federico Curtaz, the best sellers that have already conquered international markets’ approval: this is the Vinitaly 2018  of the historical brand of Sicilian wine.


Once again Firriato comes back to Vinitaly with the same goal: representing the most virtuous and authentic Sicily of wine. Di Gaetano’s winery has become the historical brand of Sicilian wine thanks to its clear coherence proved by the work carried out on the Etna. 17 years after the very first grape harvest in the Cavanera Etnea estate, Firriato keeps exploring the range of the Volcanic terroir, after an endless  and dedicated research of the most suitable climate and soil conditions for expressing the micro-diversities characterizing the different areas of the Volcano at its best. An agronomic and winemaking experience focused on the north slope of the Etna in different “contrade”as proved by the more than 70 ha in the DOC area that will be in production by 2019. In addition to these figures, we highlight another important hot news involving all the Cavanera Estate in the short term: the ongoing  eco-friendly winery construction. As a matter of fact this is a project , like Firriato’s philosophy, based on eco-sustainable principles. In the new vertical winery, the gravitational pull will be used to move grapes and wine in order to ensure the perfect integrity. The project includes a wide area dedicated to vinification  and Gaudensius sparkling wine aging. The Cavanera Etnea estate is a jewel destined to become more precious in the Sicilian winescape thanks also to the namesake Wine Resort, nestled in the nature and blessed by wellness as well as the pre-phylloxera vineyard, guarded with passione and competence by Firriato.

“Etna is a winemaking treasure not only for Sicily but also for all the Italian winescape- says Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Firriato COO– With more than 20 years of experience, grape harvest after grape harvest, Firriato is one of those wineries that better knows the Etna land, its strenghts and virtues. It is up to us to safeguard this territory in the most natural way, with competence and attention. This is the reason why we have decided to plan another winery and start a partnership with an international recognised winemaker such as Federico Curtaz. We are sure that our choice will be awarded in quality wines and winelovers’ approval”

Firriato’s entire wine collection will be offered in Verona over the 52° edition of Vinitaly: the most loved labels , largest grossing wines in the USA Le Sabbie dell’Etna Bianco ( blend of Carricante and Catarratto grapes) and Le Sabbie dell’Etna Rosso ( blend od Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes), the very first wines produced on the Etna by Firriato.

Two wines marked by great personality and sapidity, able at  authentically expressing the value of the Etna terroir. Just after, you can taste the 2 Cru of the Etna, Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie and Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca. The first one concretely expresses the aromatic characteristics of the Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese single vineyard of the Estate. This vineyard has been completely dedicated to the production of this Red since the beginning, because of the vegetative superiority of vines, water quality and the specific micro-climate. The second one is a blend of Carricante and Catarratto growing on young and fertile soil, rich in nourishing elements that together with leaf removal practice and agronomic promotion of the energy of vines allow Firriato to achieve a white shining for its decisive character and a perfect balance between acidity and smoothness. Last but not the least this white keeps extraordinary aging potential. The offer will be not completed without the classic sparkling method Gaudensius Blanc de Noir Etna DOC and Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs . White vinification of Nerello Mascalese grapes, Gaudensius Blanc de Noir ages around 32 months on lees. Fine, and persistent perlage of shiny golden color, complex and elegant taste. On the other side, Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs, blend of Carricante and Chardonnay, represent how Sicily has to be considered as a continent boasting terroir and micro climate frames very different from each other. Etna wines are positively awarded by ever increasing markets, such as the selling figures of Le Sabbie dell’Etna and the sparkling wines can prove. For the winelovers’ delight, beasides Etna wines, other top sellers will be available for tasting at Firriato’s stand: From Jasmin to Harmonium or the most classic Chiaramonte and Altavilla della corte, not forgetting Quater Vitis or the wines coming from the Calamoni Estate located in the Favignana island. A special corner will be dedicated to L’Ecrù tasting, a real champion among sweet natural passito wines and a Sicilian passito gainig approvals year after year.

Last but not the least, the unmistakable Firriato’s Red making this winery famous worldwide: Santagostino Baglio Sorìa (blend of Syrah and Nero d’Avola) and the white version (blend of Catarratto and Chardonnay) : two wines that have reached all the corners of the world. These two labels are exported in more than 70 countries by the Sicilian winery.

You can find Firriato at Padiglione 2, Stand 82E-88F

Firriato Winery is a family-owned business, located in Trapani.  It encompasses six estates throughout the most magical parts of the wine regions of Sicily, including the island of Favignana.  Founded in 1984, Firriato boasts a kaleidoscopic production of 4.5 million bottles per year.  Approximately 380 hectares of vineyards are manicured with passion under certified organic farming techniques.  These vineyards are distributed in three heterogeneous and complex soils:  the Agro of Trapani, the Etna volcano, and the surprising viticulture of the sea environment surrounding the island of Favignana.  Firriato is a pioneer in Precision Viticulture, a technique that emphasizes the potential of every single plant, and the range of expression that can be revealed with respect to distinct pedoclimatic contexts.  Dedication and zeal applied to oenological practices and eco-sustainability are an integral part of the philosophy of Firriato.  It is for this reason that Firriato, year after year, has continued to conquer international markets for quality and elegance of its wines.  Firriato products can be found in forty-eight countries around the world, representing the fine expression of Sicilian terroir.  For more information:

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