Harvest conclusion for Firriato: a very good vintage

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October 26, 2015 – The last row was vintage and the grapes have already begun the process of vinification and aging in the cellar, waiting to bottling the first wines. It ‘time to take home Firriato and one thing is now certain: the quality of the 2015 vintage has been excellent.

By surveys conducted by agronomists, it was that good water reserves accumulated during the winter have resulted in a perfect vegetative growth with the onset of spring. The hot summer, interspersed with beneficial rains, has also favored the accumulation of aromatic substances and polyphenolic the stage of ripening of the grapes. The last few weeks have been characterized by collecting days filled with sunshine and fair precipitation. All this will result in fragrant white wines, with a good balance of acidity, alcohol, finesse and freshness, and harmonic red wines, rich in texture, complex bouquet and long aging. Waiting to taste the first wines, there is already talk of “a year to remember.”
The harvest began in August Baglio Sorìa, Borgo Guarini, Dagala Borromeo Flat Cuddia, the four estates Firriato Trapani’s countryside, the most planted wine area in Europe. First international white grape varieties, such as Chardonnay, which ripen earlier than native varieties such as Nero d’Avola, Perricone and Grillo. Subsequently the five hectares of Calamoni Favignana, seal jewel of Firriato, the result of a heroic project that after more than a century has brought growing grapes in Egadi islands. A moment now expected by residents and tourists of the island, at sunset, meet at the cliff Calamoni to see the small fishing boats that leave for the mainland to bring in the cellar the grapes are all completely native, freshly picked. And then the magic of Etna in October, where under the watchful eye and vigilant Volcano men Firriato conclude the harvest operations that, after more than one hundred days, finally come to an end right here, among the vineyards of Cavanera centenary.
Like every year the harvest is made possible by the passion and dedication to teamwork of the heroic winemakers Firriato: keepers of the vineyard of Calamoni Favignana, guardians of centuries-old vineyards of Cavanera Etna, guardian angels of the four estates in Trapani’s countryside. Under the hot sun of August or the snow falling in winter on the slopes of the volcano, or even against the wind of Zephyr blowing on Egadi throughout the year, are always there to protect the vines resistant plants but at the same time creatures delicate, needing constant care, not only in the more than 100 days of harvest. An ongoing work and tirelessly, from July to October, respecting the natural cycle of the seasons. It is no coincidence that in the overalls of the heroes is an inscription that says Firriato Nature’s Helper.