Firriato best case at the 1st International Conference “Sustainability in Industry Manufacturing”

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Just concluded the 1st International Conference “The Sustainability Manufacturing industry” organized by Assoreca, in collaboration with the Green Economy Network at the Auditorium Assolombarda in Milan. The aim was to represent the state of the studies and research carried out on the issue of sustainability at the international level in relation to actual cases from the Italian excellence in manufacturing industry. The focus of the event was the presentation of best-cases, in terms of sustainability of products and processes, by some of the leading Italian manufacturers more representative of the various sectors. For the food were Barilla, Cereal Docks, Ferrarelle, Firriato, Fratelli Carli, Rigoni di Asiago and Sgambaro. In the course of business operations, selected by the technical-scientific committees, were illustrated the concrete cases, already implemented, which have produced positive results in terms of environmental, social and competitiveness for individual reality.
Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato, marketing manager of Firriato, outlined in his speech the brand’s history of Sicilian wine, from its foundation in the 80s until today. A long journey that began in the heart of western Sicily and then spread throughout the territory of ‘island: 350 hectares of vineyards divided into six seals, dall’Agro Trapani to Mount Etna, including an estate on the island of Favignana. A production philosophy based, for strong will of the Family Firriato, on the principles of environmental sustainability and green economy. First major brand to have converted the entire production under certified organic agriculture, with a particular attention to the control of emissions of greenhouse gases and to the system of waste management throughout the entire production process, from the vineyard to the exit of the bottles from the cellar. “The health of our products – says Lombardo Monte Hiatus – is guaranteed by the certification system, so when we talk about sustainability is not just a slogan. The certifications are not only a consumer protection, but a precise and voluntary commitment Firriato in respect of certain values. We practice a viticulture in full disclosure, we are absolutely transparent and our consumer can see everything we do through our channels of communication. Our mission is to restore a sustainable balance for the company and for the environmental balance, why we like to say that environmental sustainability coincides with the economic sustainability “.