Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato attend Undercover Boss

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Sicilian wine protagonist of “Undercover Boss” on RAI 2 Italian TV.
Federico Lombardo will be the Monte Jato to unveil the largest television audience a story of entrepreneurial success of the wine of the island, he told in the heat of harvest. In the early evening, at 21.10, Monday, December 28, wine lovers can experience the exciting cycle of the vine in the sun of Sicily.

The great wine of Sicily conquered prime time on RAI 2 with the second episode of “Undercover Boss”, airing next Monday, December 28, at the height of holiday season. Will the company Firriato, this time, the TV set in this program, followed by over 2 million viewers, centered on people, work and feelings. The decision to set in the world of wine the second story of transmission produced by Endemol for RAI DUE, is already arousing great interest among fans and experts.
There are, in fact, previous similar: the scoring in an agricultural environment and in full harvest, the shooting of a transmission so thought out, required a surplus of attention for the crew and the workers involved in the collection and processing in the cellar. A glimpse of “real life” caught one of the wineries that have helped to affirm the prestige and reputation of Sicilian wine in the world. Federico Lombardo Monte Jato and family Di Gaetano opened to the cameras their company and their personal stories, telling the value of land, labor in the country and humanity of those who live and work there.
But who is really the next boss? “Creativity, imagination, knowledge. These requirements are sufficient to be indicated to the dynamism and versatility of character. A young businessman capable of entering this world for a double passion: love for his wife Irene and the universe of emotions that wine is able to generate for those who produce it. Federico Lombardo Monte Itatoda three years in the cellar deals with production and marketing, focusing exaltation of green values, innovation of the ongoing dialogue with wine lovers.
Transmission Boss incognito from Firriato closes a stellar 2015 for the brand Sicilian. She smiles at the market, has opened in a few months three wine resort in the territories of choice, there is a new generation in the field and at the side of Salvatore Di Gaetano and Vinzia. Daughter Irene and her husband Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato, in line with this tradition, are writing a new page in the history of this company.
Palermo, 23 December 2015
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