Federico Lombardo Di Monte Iato of Firriato Elected to the Board of Consorzio Di Tutela Della DOC Dei Vini dell’Etna

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Firriato COO will be supervising Research, University relations and the newly formed Observatory on Etna Wines.

TRAPANI, Italy, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hailing from the other side of the Sicilian island, Firriato reinforces its commitment to the Etna viticulture success, with the election of Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato to the Board of the DOC consortium. “Etna is now recognized among excellent Italian wines with other major wine regions and adding significant brand equity to the wines of Sicily and of Italy,” says Federico.

Since the year 2000, Firriato was among the very first Sicilian wineries to believe in the potential of a mountain viticulture and of traditional autochthonous vines. “I thank the assembly of the Consortium that, with a united and collegial spirit, has been able to create a strong team committed to implement a progressive program that aims to redefine policies and development tools, launch a scientific investigation of the vines and of the rural and wine system expressed by the largest volcano in Europe. Etna deserves a place of the highest level in the global wine landscape,” stated Federico.

The Consortium Etna DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) has been established in 1958 and boosts 50 years of strong legacy. The specific tasks of Federico will be; research; university relations; Higher Education Center and Market Observatory, with the observatory on Etna wines. “The Observatory will be a scientific and professional body, called to collect data and elements that can help us define the profile of the Etna system as a whole: from precision viticulture, to micro-vinification and DNA research, clones and selections of native vines. But it will also be a market observatory, a strategic tool to make the Etna brand known to the wine world, to take the right decisions and protect all the Producers: from small growers to big brands. It will help boost the entire economy as a whole. Etna is an inseparable unicum that must be promoted also in terms of hospitality and experience. Furthermore, Etna is an important resource for all the Sicilian wines, as it can be a leading beacon in the marketplace for the brand “Sicily”.

Firriato has strong interests on the Etna volcano, centered on Cavanera, boosting 70 hectares of vineyards old and new, scattered on the most prized estates. A new winery is in the making, to be able to respond to a growing demand of Etna wines.

About Firriato:

Established in 1984, Firriato is a Sicilian winery with a kaleidoscopic production of 4.5 million bottles a year. Spread on 6 estates with a characteristic microclimate, Firriato’s mission is to explore the eclectic nature of the Sicilian terroir, today considered a veritable wine continent, protecting its precious autochthonous ampelographic heritage. 380 hectares of vineyards are manicured with passion under certified organic farming, divided into three heterogeneous and complex production contexts: from the Agro di Trapani and its thousand-year winegrowing tradition, to the Terroir of Etna power and to the surprising viticulture of sea of the island of Favignana. Firriato is a pioneer in precision viticulture, a technique that enhances every single plant and the range of expressions that the same vine can reveal in distinct pedoclimatic contexts. The dedication to the best sustainable winemaking practices are an integral part of Firriato’s philosophy which, year after year, has continued to conquer international markets for the quality and elegance of its wines. Firriato is present in 48 countries with its wines, a powerful expression of the Sicilian terroir. For more information: www.firriato.it

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