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A meeting point between the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean

The Egadi archipelago has been for thousands of years a meeting place for peoples and cultures and a natural crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian Sea. These sunny and windy islands today combine tourism and tradition. Favignana is the largest of the Egadi islands and is also known as the “Butterfly Island” because of its shape. And precisely at the junction between the “wings” of Favignana, along the Calamoni cliff, is located Firriato’s Calamoni Estate.

5 hectares of vines grow on a land that emerged from the sea of limestone composed of Quaternary fossils of shells and fishbones. From this land that boasts absolutely unique features comes the white wine of Favignana.


Zibibbo, Catarratto and Grillo: Favignana white wine with sea view

The white wine from Favignana has only one name: Favinia La Muciara. From the rows next to the sea, caressed by the wind that constantly blows on the island originates the only white wine of Favignana. Firriato’s Calamoni Estate is in fact the only wine-making endeavour on the island and the wines that come from this estate bring with them the scent and flavour of this land. The harvest attracts tourists as well as curious onlookers attracted by the uniqueness of these moments. Harvesters hand-pick the Zibibbo, Catarratto and Grillo grapes that, meeting all phytosanitary standards, have reached full maturity. The grapes for this vintage, as well as those collected in Baglio Sorìa, are characterized by very intense aromas that portend the birth of wines with particularly persistent olfactory qualities.


Sailing speedily on the sea waves towards the mainland

Our goal is that Favignana’s white wine can bring with it the soul of the island. The freshly harvested grapes must preserve all their characteristic organoleptic features. Specification by Firriato admit no exceptions of any kind of on this point. Therefore, as soon as grapes are collected, they are immediately transported in their wooden boxes to the boat moored at the Calamoni cliff. A human chain of arms quickly loads the boat that takes the grapes to the cellar. Like every year, the traditional sea crossing of the grapes takes place. It is a feast for tourists on the island following with their eyes the navigation over the clear waters of Favignana. Grapes are sailing as messengers of territorial uniqueness, set to become the only white wine of Favignana.


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