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Firriato at Rome with Glamour

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At Villa Miani in Rome, an outstanding event to celebrate Firriato in the Capital city. More than 3000 guests joined the event to taste Di Gaetano family’s wines.

Rome- October 19th, 2017- A memorable soirée for the winescape that one of Experiencing Firriato in Rome last Monday, October 16th.

The public of great occasions has celebrated Sicily, the high wine quality island  in one of the most fascinating historical locations of the Eternal City, that one of Villa Miani on the Mario Mount, from where you can enjoy one of the most evocative landscapes of the capital.

Around 3000 guests greeted the invitation of the Sicilian winery and tasted more than 30 labels with a focus on the wine of Terroir and vertical tasting of the most remarkable and well-known labels. In the marvelous and bright rooms of the neoclassical villa Firriato told the Sicily of wine. Along the wine path of this  historical villa built in 1873, there were 9  wine tasting stands that enabled clients, national and international journalists, artists and winelovers to go for a peerless sensorial travel , discovering all the richness and complexity of Firriato’s Terroir, glass by glass.

From the classic method Gaudensius Blanc de Noir (Etna DOC) and Gadensius Blanc de Blancs , to Great Red and White Classics, with the labels that wrote the history of the brand. Moreover, Organic wines Caeles and the family Cru, the top wines: Harmonium, Ribeca and Camelot that have nestled the brand Firriato in the italian winescape. Always present natural sweet wines with L’Ecrù and Passulé passitos. Last but not the least the wines coming from the Etna volcano and Favignana island, real winemaking gems.

Experiencing Firriato has been a real plunge in the Sicilian aromas and fragrances. Over the soirée a special space has been dedicated to high level gastronomy with two cooking shows up to twice Michelin Starred Chef Vincenzo Candiano , of La Locanda di Don Serafino Restaurant in Ragusa and Chef Valentina Chiaramonte, rising star of the Sicilian gastronomy of FUD  OFF restaurant in Catania.

Another gourmet time has been dedicated to Sicilian delicacies presented by producers.Among tasting stands, you could find  the gourmet Street food of FUD Bottega Sicula, Slow Food heritage cheese of Consorzio della Vastedda del Belice and the black pork of Nebrodi Mounts and still cured meats of La Paisanella business. Great space also for the donkey cured meats of Il Chiaramontano, tuna delicacies from Favignana of Nino Castiglione, snail caviar of La Lumaca Madonita, Campisi’s preserves, Bufala dairy products of Babalus and panettone together with hand-craft creams of Di Stefano Dolciaria.

“With this occasion we wanted to celebrated that deep relation between Rome and Firriato- CEO Vinzia Novara said- This event has been a memorable experience we want to dedicate to those have been following  us  with friendship and passion, here in Rome”.

Firriato Winery is a family-owned business, located in Trapani.  It encompasses six estates throughout the most magical parts of the wine regions of Sicily, including the island of Favignana.  Founded in 1984, Firriato boasts a kaleidoscopic production of 4.5 million bottles per year.  Approximately 380 hectares of vineyards are manicured with passion under certified organic farming techniques.  These vineyards are distributed in three heterogeneous and complex soils:  the Agro of Trapani, the Etna volcano, and the surprising viticulture of the sea environment surrounding the island of Favignana.  Firriato is a pioneer in Precision Viticulture, a technique that emphasizes the potential of every single plant, and the range of expression that can be revealed with respect to distinct pedoclimatic contexts.  Dedication and zeal applied to oenological practices and eco-sustainability are an integral part of the philosophy of Firriato.  It is for this reason that Firriato, year after year, has continued to conquer international markets for quality and elegance of its wines.  Firriato products can be found in forty-eight countries around the world, representing the fine expression of Sicilian terroir.  For more information: www.firriato.it

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