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Even more Etna for the Di Gaetano family ‘s winery. With the new acquisitions in different contrada and the construction of the new winery, Firriato confirms the strategic value of the terroir in its production. Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato: “We complete a production project dedicated to this area of ​​excellence which, with the Cavanera wine tourism, represents an extraordinary unicum
With a production land that has more than 70 hectares of vines, spread over different contrada on the north and north-east side of the volcano, Firriato establishes, today, an important productive role that, with the construction of the new wine-making cellar and refining in the Cavanera Estate (the inauguration in June, to be in full efficiency by the beginning of next harvest) finds a breath and a dimension that few other wine companies can boast about Etna.
Etna is an extraordinary resource for quality Sicilian wine – states Federico Lombardo of Monte Iato, COO of the company – and Firriato was one of the first companies to recognize its potential and to invest, giving substance to its project of Authentic Terroir, always in continuous evolution “. On the most active volcano in Europe, the Sicilian maison practices mountain viticulture in five different production contexts, located in different contrada, with different exposures and altitudes, able to compose an organoleptic picture of the grapes that is much more complex and full of distinctive contributions . Thanks to these differences, today Firriato has a production that counts seven labels, including refined classic method sparkling wines, elegant white wines and structured reds set to be long aged.

Among these high-ranking bottles, the top of the Pyramid of quality on Etna under the Firriato brand is a prefillossera wine Reserve, the Signum Aetenae, the new cru of the Di Gaetano family previewed over the last Vinitaly and destined to become a Super Etna, not only for the small number of bottles produced (3500), but also for the ability to return the concept of complexity and elegance that Etna is today able to affirm. Sinc harvest 2014, selectively operated in the Cavanera prefillossera vineyard, these bottles constitute a small treasure to preserve over time. The Signum Aetenae matures for two full years in Tronçais wood barrels (aged at least 3 years in the open air) of different sizes (700l and 1300  and then spent three years in the bottle before reaching the market.) A real treat for connoisseurs.
Always and still Etna, and worth a debut as the first of the class – the first still rosé ever produced by the company with a Etna rosé vintage 2018 all to be discovered for the intensity of the aromas and the freshness brought in dowry by acidity obtained from a selection of Nerello Mascalese grapes harvested slightly earlier.

Finally, the production project of Firriato sull’Etna finds a new dimension of excellence with the new Cavanera Etnea winery that will be fully operational as early as the next harvest. This structure, completely in harmony with the landscape, is based – like the entire Firriato production philosophy – on the principles of eco-sustainability, and consists of three floors that develop, partly and vertically, inside a lava flow , penetrating the soil for several meters, so that the natural thermal insulation given by lava rock is exploited, also as a function of energy saving. Conceived and organized to fully exploit the gravitational force by fall, from the unloading of the grapes to the vinification, the new Firriato Winery is equipped with all those technologies that allow us to affirm an enology of precision more attentive to the integrity of the fruit and quality of the grapes. All the processes are constantly monitored, so as to guarantee not only the full traceability of each batch of grapes belonging to a specific portion of the vineyard, but also to monitor their evolution until the process is concluded. All the attention and care possible for Etna wines. In the belly of the cellar then, in an area created inside a lava ridge, there are the refinement spaces that naturally ensure constant levels of humidity and temperature, generating the ideal conditions for resting in red wood and for the classic Gaudensius method.

The top floor, instead, which will have the prefilossera vineyard as its horizon, was conceived and organized to make the meeting with Firriato on Etna and with its wines a complete experience to be discovered. Large reception and tasting areas, with wine shop and Wine Shop welcome the wine lover arriving on Etna. It will be possible to visit the vineyards and the cellar, discover the processes of processing and aging, listen to the story of excellence and unspoiled nature from the direct voice of those working in the vineyards and in the cellar. The wine tourism offer of the Cavanera Etnea Wine Resort is completed with new services, thus becoming one of the most avant-garde structures in the reception and value of the experience that wine lovers can live by choosing Firriato”This new productive structure, so advanced in the processes and technologies that contribute – together with the sensitivity of man, his experience, his know-how – to define the identity and the qualitative profile of our wines, has only one purpose, that of always seeking the best from what we do and are. Today Firriato sull’Etna is a solid reality rooted in the first vintage of 2001 – Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato concludes – together with the other Etna producers, we share a vision that looks far and in time ”.

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